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Keeping a low profile, quietly.

This morning I went to the wet market with mom–it was SO TERRIBLY NOISY that I got such a headache even 5 hours later.

I looked at one of the noisy kids and her (extremely naggy) mom and wondered instantly if I would become such a mom in future. You know, it’s very normal to have a mom in Singapore who nags a lot, repeating the same message 5 times. E.g.

“Do not run and make a din, honey, let’s be considerate.”


“Don’t run lah! Don’t run! OEI! Are you listening to me! How many times I tell you already! Don’t run and keep quiet!!! OEI! KEEP QUIET YOU SEE AUNTIE STARING AT YOU ALREADY! WAIT I BEAT YOU UP AH.”

By the way, ducks in Singapore are meant to be eaten. Usually they kill the ducks by silting their throats, and thereafter roasting and hanging them up by hooks for Asian customers to choose as consumables.

Ducks in Finland however, are meant to walk around calmly and be appreciated.

So while I was queuing up for our roast duck, I mulled over the importance of being low-profile and un-googleable. Fuck fame. 

I don’t know why I’d been feeling SO tired of attention recently. Attention is truly a useless thing, unless you can get free food or money out of it. With more attention, you seriously get more trouble or responsibilities. I’d much rather just stay out of the limelight and do my thing quietly.

I must be getting old.

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  1. Haha, thanks for writing this.

    It’s so difficult to be honest and sincere without offending other people’s pride. And yet it’s also so difficult to pretend and lie without betraying your own self. So it’s either hide somewhere to be a hermit or be straightforward as a stupid fool does.

    “Hell is other people.” I think that’s what Jean Paul Sartre said.

    • yes. i think people are sometimes very nonsense. but what to do? I think i’m sometimes very nonsense myself. Live and let live lor.

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