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“Just as you are”: Honesty as the strength of storytelling.

“Storytelling”, like this article mentions, has become a recent business buzzword.

I’d always thought that “storytelling” is making up something, and marketing “it” as something spectacular that captures the imagination of the masses. Some fashion companies do invent random brand stories simply to grab your attention…and drive sales.

Yet, it’s only recently that I’d agreed with Ville that very often, fact is more intriguing than fiction. If only if you look closely enough you’d see much beauty in even the mundane, or those things that we tend to take for granted.

Talking at length with wedding videographers and photographers also made me realise that the most beautiful shots or videos of you are those that reflect your personality,  history, life, strength, imperfections.

They are you, and you are them.

A good storyteller paints a breathtaking, humane picture of your beauty in imperfection.

This is why we liberate and are liberated when we appear just as we are. Telling your story honestly just as you are, with all the vulnerability and weaknesses, is perhaps the true and irresistible strength of storytelling.

And when honesty is involved, very often the first priority is not profit maximisation anymore, but the search and desire for human connection.


  1. I’m not sure if telling honest story always liberates us, but self-liberation allows us to always be honest. Such that: even if our story can’t apprehend the truth, still we strive to liberate ourselves in order to tell it with full honesty.
    I’m not sure if this comment is making any sense, haha! But I’m being honest here.

    • TOO CHEEM. Me no understandz LOL ^^

      Thanks for the comment! I get where you are coming from. The more we challenge our boundaries and rid ourselves of limits, the more honest we can be–that I agree.
      “honest story” is already another form of perspective liao…and perhaps there is such a thing as objective Vs subjective truth?

      • I guess truth is like this huge elephant and we are but blind men groping round its backside. No matter how we present that honest story, we can only show one part of that whole. And half-truths can be dangerous, just like how people play with religious sayings.

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