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[Adorned in dreams] Here’s ONE sure-fire way to set up a sustainable, meaningful and profitable business in Finland.

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Wow, all these research on wedding has made me realised how TEDIOUS the wedding preparation process is. For example, just now I looked at this excel sheet by TheWeddingNotebook and almost fainted.

Good job, graduated Chinese brides and grooms from Singapore and Malaysia! You guys survived well! ^^

So today I want to blog about a highly meaningful and lucrative business idea for people in Finland before I go to bed. It’s a very random idea I thought of after reading all those wedding related excel sheet, but I’m personally actually very convinced that this idea would work.

This business idea is to to create a wedding niche in Finland that specialises in “forests wedding in Finland”, and target Singaporeans/Malaysians/Japanese/Chinese/ Korean couples.

The marketing/ PR will be online on social media/ blog/ weibo/ weixin, via SEO and content marketing. I can even IMMEDIATELY visualize how successful the online marketing strategy would be, because THIS IS MY JOB hahahaha.

I even know how exactly to get income stream. But nah, not going to tell you in detail here unless you have a complementary skill-set 😉

For Singaporeans at least, a very recent report (just last week) wrote that more and more Chinese Singaporeans are after intimate weddings. Furthermore, more and more Singaporeans are heading overseas for their pre-wedding photoshoot. More and more rich middle class PRC-Chinese folks are heading to Finland for travel purposes as well.

So what makes you think they won’t do their wedding photography in Finland?

It’s common knowledge that South-east Asian/ East Asian folks LOVE Europe. And popular media/literature like Twilight has created a dreamy, romantic, vampire-ish ideal of love in the minds of many Asian folks.


(Source) ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



Or, the Secret Garden Theme!!! Imagine taking this scene with your bridesmaids/ flower girls.



The average price tag of a typical Chinese wedding in Singapore ranges from 30,000euros-50,000euros. That’s excluding the cost of honeymoon.

So…why hasn’t Finns gone all out to sell the idea of a mystical, enchanted, hot vampire-ish forest wedding?

I personally believe it’s because forests are everywhere in Finland–forests are to Finns like shopping malls are to Singaporeans. Forests are so common in Finland that it might not be seen as special, even though every Finn knows the importance of forests and hold the natural eco-system with the greatest esteem.

And…if I’m not wrong, you don’t even need to pay  to rent the gorgeous forest venue because some forests are public in Finland.

Let me show you some pictures of how beautiful forest weddings are. I haven’t seen many couples do forest photoshoots/ said their vows in forests in Finland yet, which is a huge pity.

So hopefully the Finnish tourism board can consider this idea? *winks winks*

A) Pre-wedding photoshoot





B) Walk down an aisle in the forest



C) Say the vows/ get solemnised in the forests!



Now let us consider the macro-economic impact on the Finnish society– how on earth does this idea benefit Finnish tourism?

  1. When Asian couples invite their friends, the whole lot of them fly to Finland. The group of Asians who are already doing and/or thinking of overseas wedding photoshoot tend to be that of the higher-income. They book hotels. That’s revenue for hotels, FnB line and Finnair (since SG-Finland has direct flights)
  2. Finland has a lot of forests AND creative black-collar photographers, fashion designers and artists. Promoting the natural beauty of Finland (i.e. forests ) + helping Asian couples create beautiful, stunning memories of their next passage in life will make everyone like Finland.
  3. Furthermore, it’s free earned publicity for Finland. Why? Because couples + their friends will share pretty photos all over social media. So Finland gets fabulous, shiny public relations and advertisement! Pretty photos + “love is eternal and natural” messages go viral very easily and generate tons of goodwill.
  4. Finland has tons of good looking people! So the friends of the Asian couple would be very happy, because they can look at good looking, polite Finns the whole day. Eye candies ftw! ^^*
  5. This idea has tons of positive economic externalities, because it is “born” international and benefits the whole supply chain of the wedding industry.

I am obviously not going to write out my exact business plan at this point on my blog.

Haha, what do you think? 😉


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