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Must you get married in a white wedding dress? Here are some other colours which look really, really good.

“Traditions brings continuity to one’s existence, but this sort of continuity is precisely what has been increasingly lost throughout modernity.”
― Lars Fr. H. Svendsen, A Philosophy of Boredom

Angst. I’m filled with angst.

In the past, the “white” in the wedding dress symbolises virginity and innocence. In modern times however, more and more women are sexually active before marriage. So what’s the significance of a white dress, apart from Western tradition?

I find that Asian brides usually wear at least two dresses on their big day: A white Western dress + their traditional dresses. This routine is a clear mark of globalisation, and obviously, demonstrates political power of the West over the East. As an illustration of the extent of power, let’s consider this: would there be a day when Western brides start to wear for instance,  white bridal Kimonos as the “norm”?

Also, why must we Asian folks do West+ East? Why can’t we do East + East?

Like…Peranakan + Chinese? Peranakan’s wedding dresses are very nice for instance:



So you see, fashion is never neutral. Things we take for granted, as norms in fashion… actually tend to have deep political implications.

Anyway, here are some other ideas for coloured wedding dresses which I found to be very pretty:

  1. Rainbow Pastels




(Via Pinterest)

2) Pink wedding dress


Haha don’t blame me for including Yumi Katsura. I love her. (Source)


Pink by Vera Wang! I have no idea why the collection’s named “white” (Source)

3) Red


It’s red + white and not too crazy. (Source)

4) Black



5) Blue



Yeah, so I mean, there really is no need to stick to the “pure white”, unless of course white is a tone which looks perfect on you. There are other creative ways to make a wedding dress look like a “traditional” wedding dress–one can always play with colours or cuts! ^^

What do you think? ^^

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