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On vision and shiny role models.

Do you know that I only learnt what a “vision” is when I was in Finland? And I learnt this concept not through textbooks, but by observation.

That is to say, before I went to Finland to do the masters, I had no life goals and I didn’t know what I had wanted (even though I worked really hard). My friends can all testify that the 25-year-old wanwei just does sales and marketing really well and benefits the company she works for without asking much for herself.

On hindsight, this can be called the “slave mentality”, if you will. So silly of ww.

I learnt the concept of “vision” only via observation of a shiny role model in Finland. Because I’d caught a glimpse of the said role model’s chosen life and career path, it left me awed and I thought, “Wow, so this is actually possible and actually meaningful…just wow!”

But I’m unsure if I had regarded this role model as a role model, or a “tribe leader”. Nonetheless, anyhow I learnt the concept of vision.

I realised the importance of vision once again when I had this meeting just now with my business partner Yeow An, founder of Starlight Pte Ltd, a local music productions company.  I was updating her about my sharing session with the very intelligent teenagers at our top elite River Valley High School in Singapore tonight.

And Yeow said this:

“The best way to make people learn how to combine passion with pay…is to make them feel inspired/jealous/envious. That’s the only way we can help make their dreams sustainable.

So you do this by being shiny yourself. If they want what you want, your life would be the best testimony for them to copy.”

Yeow also said this other really smart thing:

“A vision is very important, because once you have found a vision, you can just do anything and it’s all justified. You won’t feel lost or suspicious of yourself or whatever you do anymore.”

So yes–if you want me to say one very, very precious thing I’d learnt in Finland that I will trade for nothing in my entire life, it’s this concept of vision.

What I hope for some people in Finland of course, is to stop pushing shiny people down. Instead of feeling jealous and wanting to make shiny people shine less, why not observe them carefully, feel inspired, copy their life path and modify it in accordance to your heart’s desires?

To uncover the exact ways of carving out a path in a similar direction, be persistent in observing the heart and manners of your chosen role model, and then copy and modify. How hard can carving your own path be when you’d found a shiny someone who had inspired you?

And thereafter, I am sure along the way you would find more shiny people who would inspire, empower and value-add your journey in accordance to your vision.

The main problems occur only when (1) you don’t know your own heart and (2) you don’t have shiny people around you. Then, please get out of your house and network more. 😀

Q.E.D.! Life isn’t complicated at all.


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