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How to boast in a subtle manner. EXAMPLE: Telling the whole world that you’re pretty.

My friends Y, Z and I have a common acquaintance B, who likes to boast about her accomplishments. Let me share the gist of our conversation. (NOTE: Name and topic changed to protect everybody’s privacy) ^^

Z: …And so that day, she told the whole world she is pretty again. She literally said “I am pretty” about herself. -roll eyes-

WW: Haha, that’s funny! I always find it a bit strange that she finds it necessary to call herself pretty, when she IS hot to all guys and some girls. I mean, hot means hot, and sexy means sexy. It’s clear for all to see, without her having to say it for herself.

Z: I think she’s not popular with girls, because she keeps thinking that they are jealous of her. That’s why she find it necessary to assert herself in front of them.

WW: Actually if I were her and have a crazy desire to tell the whole world I’m pretty, I’d have formed a group with a few other pretty friends. And I’d tell everyone I meet, “Come and meet my pretty friend”. And hopefully my pretty friends will say the same about me, and in the end everybody will know that I’m pretty because another pretty person says so.

Y: You do mean, “Come meet my pretty FriendS”. “Friends” in plural. Haha! Then when your “friends” say that you are pretty, you should act humble and say “no lah, I’m just average.” And that is how you gain favour with the public. *winks* And people will start saying, “Hey she IS pretty and humble, awww!”

I LOVED the above conversation, haha!

So here is the formulae for boasting subtly is as follows. Instead of telling the whole world in a vulgar manner that you (think you) are pretty, do this:

  1. Get a group of trusted friends who want to boast about the same thing (In this case, being “pretty”).
  2. Every time you meet someone new, introduce your friend first as –“This is the pretty friend I was telling you about.”
  3. Any decent friend will reciprocate the compliment. To which you have to “act humble” and say “No, not at all, I’m just average.”
  4. In the end, you’d be remembered as the pretty girl with a group of pretty friends!

Q.E.D! 😀

Of course, to pull this off impeccably, please make sure your friends are REALLY pretty, and they are your FRIENDS. (i.e. they will reciprocate the sincere compliments). Don’t lie! 😀

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