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The truth of the market economy.

There is only one truth to the market economy: Demand and supply.

I wondered why I took so long to believe this. I mean, I’d always understood this sentiment, but never did fully internalise it.

Until life knocked this teaching into me. 

The market honestly doesn’t care about how educated you are, how good looking you are, or how rich your parents are. The market only cares about the value you can deliver.

As long as what you offer satisfies a demand, there would be a business.

The demand might not even be practical or “solid”. It can be a fantasy, a dream, a hope. It might even be the boosting of egos, or the wish to self-destruct.

Perhaps this is the divergence between societal’s ideals and the market economy. Society might look up to all highly educated folks–“Oh you are so smart!”. Fancy hearing this everyday, I’m sure it must be good for the ego!

But does it mean that all highly-educated folks might be rich, or might make long-lasting contributions to the market economy/ society? The answer is not so definite. It might even be the exact opposite.

Be aware of where you get your daily dose of approval. 🙂



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