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Like means like.

Can you choose to un-like a person you once liked a lot?

Or rather, can you choose to rationally convince yourself to un-like a person you like? Especially when you know that the “liking” is toxic and hurts a lot.

I think it cannot be done. Or at least I cannot do it. What I can do at most is to distance myself. But given the appropriate time lapse, a sound opportunity and the correct “safe” occasion, I’d still express “like” towards the person.

I guess what I’d learnt over the years is that it all boils down to whether this expression of “like” is wise. This “like” need not be in the romantic sense, by the way.

In Chinese, there is this term “敢爱敢恨” which means “dare to love/ dare to hate”. I know people like that, and I think they’re a bit extreme and scary. But I admire their self-honesty.

All in all, can we actually be honest with ourselves and admit that “like” means “like”? Ideals can be unreachable, fantasies can be fake, but I think when a person comes along and makes an impact on your life– you know it’s real, and you know it stays.

Even if you leave the person, and/or the person leaves you.

“Like” really means “like”, full-stop. There is no reasoning behind it. It just is.

I’d still randomly give roses to a person I like 🙂

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