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The 4 ways startups do great public relations.

Recently I’d learnt some amazing PR lessons from some of the startup companies I’d met, and honestly, I’m simply wowed by some of the methods. ^^

So before I go out today, I’d like to briefly write about the 4 ways startups do great PR.

  1. Goodie bags

Startups that really go all out to promote goodwill give goodie bags regularly.  And they do this after a consumer/marketer/reporter/journalist does something beneficial to enhance their company name, or attend their exclusive events. This makes the person feel that they’d “earned” the goodie bag, and enhances a sense of belonging with the startup.

Goodie bags are extremely fun to pack and receive!! But do make sure the things in the goodie bags are either useful, or cute, or both. After all, the aim is to enhance goodwill and  a sense of engagement with the said company.

2. Proactive Media Coverage

The best PR managers I know who work for startups regularly submit their press kits to all relevant news/magazine agencies. They are extremely proactive with a never-say-die attitude, and often seek to cast their leaders and staffs in a positive light on paid/earned media. They tend to also be skilled in SEO/SEM , because they know that good online press would remain there for a long, long time to come.

3. Regular meet-ups with users/customers/consumers/bloggers.

Startups that do great PR have regular meet-ups with users/customers/consumers/bloggers. These regular meet-up sessions are to listen to the customers’ feedback and desires related to the product. The meet-ups are more of an authentic instead of promotional nature, because the focus is on the visitors rather than the companies. By putting the customers/users/consumers/bloggers first, the startup is then able to gather primary and direct feedback on user-needs and improve/ modify their product positioning and marketing strategies, so that they are less likely to go off-track.

4. Vision

Last but not least, the best PR managers in start-ups actually do sincerely believe with all their heart and soul and body and mind in the vision of the start-up.

They are able to see the beauty, the strength, the unique market positioning, and most importantly, the potential long-lasting difference the startup can make to the larger society.

Now these factors are more than just profits or money. The most effective PR managers actually do and want to make people’s life more meaningful, and they believe in always casting their startups in the best light. They believe truly too, that their consumers’/clients’ lives would be (radically) transformed by using their products/service.

And that gives rise to great motivation and courage! ^^

Okay the above are just some of my simple thoughts that I would always like to remember as a PR person ^^ Gotta go out now, have a great day!


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