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This thing about #yolo and “moments”.

I’m going to keep this reflections post as short as possible so that I can go to bed soon (even though I have a lot to say, LOL). ^^

Have you ever noticed that a person’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter? Let’s say you are watching a youtube video on mobile, and suddenly a 30second youtube advertisement starts to play.

Immediate reaction: *Clicks close window*.

I’d personally noted that -some- young Singaporeans these days even hate reading stuffs that are more than 500words. Honestly, it’s pretty mind-blowing to observe that. But thankfully, instead of text, these young Singaporeans watch a lot of vimeo/youtube videos and do stay educated.

Today, more and more millennials are using mobile apps to shop. While this means opportunity, it also means that traditional marketing theories are being disrupted at a rapid pace. Social media and mobile apps have also made consumers increasingly self-aware and possibly even more “self-absorbed”.

Consider the possibility too, that this “moments” trend becomes a habit for consumers. Such as having to take a ohsoawesome-cuisine-photo to upload on facebook before eating. Such as having to #ootd on instagram everyday, because you want to show the world how good you look. Such as the desire and curiosity to check out what your friends are doing on snapchat now and then when you’re bored, or even when you aren’t.

Evoking “desire” and “habit” seems to be the power of moments marketing. Any businesses only have that short a period of time (<2seconds?) to make an impact. But if they do make an impression, chances are that the customer conversion rate would be high.

I’m even starting to believe that prolonged mobile use and social media can fundamentally change the physical structure of your brain, or that there might be certain chemicals that your brain releases (such as endorphins) that makes a user addicted to mobile apps/social media.

No like, seriously, I am really starting to believe that. And as a marketer, I personally would like to learn from UI/UX folks how to increase this sort of favourable, happy phenomenon from the perspective of a consumer.

Ultimately, perhaps PR/ social media is largely about appealing to one’s ego, too.

This YOLO trend honestly makes me want to understand exactly when target audiences are using their phones. Better advertise and make the advertisement appear when your target audience are most relaxed and likely to see it–in that span of 1second!

Personally, I think Clozette does a lot of “moments” targetting very well. I love them lah hahaha they have a lot of common sense and a strong community, especially with the initiative of “Clozette Insider” and their stream on instagram. ^^

On an unrelated sidenote, check out their latest gig with Pandora ❤ I love the Singlish lol.

Something to think about, yea? The #YOLO mobile trend. ^^

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