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Rashomon: Egos and subjective truth.

Hmm today I re-watched Rashomon.

It’s about four parties with totally different views about ONE situation. Read Rashomon’s summary here.

Anyway, this show is pretty cool in that it speaks about the ego, human nature, subjectivity and how unreliable interpretations are vis-a-vis the “truth”.

Actually it’s true isn’t it? Rashomon states that as long as there is an interpretation, the ego speaks. So everything starts to become from the character’s perspective, in the character’s context, according to his circumstances.

After watching this classic, I really start to wonder if there is such a thing as an objective truth. Rashomon fundamentally posits a game theory. When the bandit is accused of rape and murder for instance, the whole interpretation of situation becomes that of ego rather than “fairness”, “impartiality” or “rationality”.

That’s really interesting, isn’t it?

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