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What’s in your heart?

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!! ♫

Hmm today I woke up thinking about exactly how to find out what is in the hearts of people. Have you watched this video? I laughed so hard. haha.

Okay let me give you a more specific analogy.

When a boyfriend says “I love you” (if he ever does say it)–what is the best way to communicate this love? To some, it’s LV bags. To some others, it’s diamond rings.

To yet some others, like yours truly! It’s salmon.

So you see, you cannot anyhow assume the hearts of people. You must ask.

But when you ask–you must also think: exactly how should you ask in a smart manner? Some do it via words. Some do it via actions. Some others do it via visuals.

Because–sometimes we are also not very smart in the way we ask people what they want. Why not ask “Show me via 10 pictures what is in your heart?”

Just take a little moment to think about it. 🙂 A picture speaks a thousand words, and by showing pictures, there are less limits imposed than words.

And your friend can take a lot of time to choose the pictures to show you what is best in his/her heart.

Actually this method can also be used for market research in consumer behavior, to find out what they want, what their dreams and ideals are, and how to make the world a better place for them.

The more I study communications, the more I realised that it’s fundamentally philosophical. It’s about limits, about being vague, and about the control of it all.

And trust me, sometimes when you see it, it causes a lot of pain. Pain paralyses, but it also heals. ♥

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