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Three C2C mobile marketplaces to watch.

Doing my homework šŸ˜€


MillennialsĀ live in a ā€œtrader generationā€. WGSN defined it as such in this report:

  • ā€œMillennials, defined as those born between 1982 and 2003, are gaining increasing importance as a consumer force.
  • Start-up retailers are fully aligned with the values of this consumer group, responding to their needs and expectations with new innovations, paths to purchase and, above all, dynamic two-way relationships.
  • Millennials ā€“ both those who are already adults and those who are still at school ā€“ are likely to have as much an influence on society and retail as the Baby Boomer generation has had, and there are clear indications of how this might play out.
  • As Millennials become experienced in trading and exchanging both ideas and goods, the next area ripe for disruption will be around payments.
  • In-stream payment technologies are rising and expectations around instant, seamless payment options will drive change beyond digital.ā€

Today as partā€¦

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