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Why you find it difficult to throw clothes away.

Have you ever pondered about the mentality of hoarders? Or why most ladies shop a lot, but have nothing to wear? Today, against the festive backdrop of spring cleaning, I will briefly blog about why YOU find it difficult to throw/donate clothes away.

There are several possible reasons:

  1. You have barely worn the piece of clothing, and it is expensive. Therefore you keep it in your closet.
  2. You think you will slim down and look good in that piece of clothing.
  3. That piece of clothing holds fond memories.
  4. You don’t want to waste resources, so you do not want to throw that piece of clothing away.

Multiply this logic by 30+ pieces of clothing that you rarely wear, and you will become a hoarder.


Now, hoarding is bad because it causes stress and mental/physical clutter. It’s not like hoarders don’t know this–they do. But they STILL find it difficult to throw clothes away/ donate.


The logic is actually very simple: Clothes are more than just material. They separate your naked body from the world outside. Therefore, your chosen form of clothing is a form of self-protection from the world outside, too. In addition, clothes also represent a type of ideal in your head at that very point in time you aspire towards.

How could you ever reject any form of self-protection or personal ideal? This is why throwing any piece of clothing you have purchased or received as a gift can actually be a considerable struggle.

How then, can you stop being a hoarder?

The answer comes from Marie Kondo–the cleaning guru. She basically told her readers to thank her clothes before them away. Try it! It works!

Say–“Thank you dear dress, for being a part of my teenager life and accompanying me on dates. Unfortunately I am not a teenager now and my closet would appreciate space for new dresses on my new adult journey, so you have to go. But I appreciate your presence in my life.”

Heehee, I know this works because I tried it. Let me know if it works for you too!

Happy Chinese New Year to all my dear readers! =)

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