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2016= Celebrating 50 Years of Singaporean-Japanese Friendship

(Cover picture of Doritan X Hello Kitty, by Michiyo Ishida)

I am so excited! 🙂

After SG50, we now have the SJ50. This year 2016 marks 50 years of goodwill and deep friendship between Singapore and Japan.

This is truly an exciting year which marks and promotes another round of cultural celebrations! Including food hehe, which I am never saying no too.

I deeply applaud the Japanese community for always treating Singapore/ Singaporeans with respect and deepest goodwill. Many Japanese and Singaporeans truly appreciate each other’s culture with great sincerity. A lot of Singaporeans like Japanese culture and Japan, and as a Waseda alumni who had spent a year working and studying in Tokyo, I am proud to say that such positive sentiments go both ways.

I hope that the good relationship between both nations will continue for many years to come. ^-^ Japan is a great nation and as a humble Singaporean, I am so happy to have many Japanese friends!

To commemorate this iconic 50 years of friendship, there will be 6 weeks of showcasing of top Singaporean culinary cuisine in popular Japanese restaurants in Japan. In addition, the very distinguished Ikebana artisan Shogo Kariyazaki will also be adorning our Changi Airport with stunning flower arrangement. Singapore airlines will also run exclusive promotions on board for Japanese customers.

Let’s not take strategic political and cultural alliances for granted.


P.S. BTW how can I get this DORITAN (the strange looking durian mascot) and HELLO KITTY? Is it for sale or is there any way I can have them? They are so creative and cute!! ^^


  1. Hi, thank you for your post! I enjoy reading your post. I am also keen to know where can I buy Doritan and Hello Kitty kimono pair. Have you found out where to buy them?


    • Hello Linda, thank you for your comment!

      I don’t know leh! I went to ask friends in Japanese Association and they dunno also 😀

      I’d let you know when I find out! They are so cute hor! 😀

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