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Top 4 lifestyle sharing portals to watch.

Here are the top 4 fashion and lifestyle portals in Southeast Asia. =) Welcome to the sharing economy!


Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, once spoke about the 21st century being the epitome of the “sharing economy”, as opposed to simply the “digital economy”. This means that consumers are increasingly empowered through what other consumers share, and the result is a more well-informed, inspired community.

Indeed, “sharing is caring” characterizes most fashion and lifestyle platforms and online communities today. We highlight here the top 4 online fashion and lifestyle communities in Southeast Asia–check them out!


Boosting more than 300,000 members mainly from the SEA region, Clozette is a close-knitted online community for users to share fashion trends and to be inspired. Using the innovative “visual search” function, similar items can be bought from its online shop or external partnering retailers. From time to time, Clozette will feature also local celebrities, bloggers, influence-rs and beauty experts.

Clozette TV was also launched in 2014 to provide entertainment, education and…

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