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[IKIspotlight!] The top 4 Asian fashion + beauty e-commerce site to look out for.

It’s pretty interesting to do market monitoring for Asian e-commerce sites. Everything is changing so fast! Here’s a post I did for IKIGUIDE. ^^


Today we will be doing an IKIspotlight into the top 4 Asian fashion + beauty e-commerce sites.


As the Chinese economy is projected to slow down in the next 5 years, major fashion and beauty labels are now looking towards the Southeast Asian market to continue maintaining a healthy bottom-line. In this regard, Singapore plays quite a pivotal role as a fashion and beauty hub as startups in Southeast Asia engage in increased collaboration with local and regional brands and e-commerce sites.

Today we feature the top 4 fashion and beauty e-commerce sites to watch in the Southeast Asian region. These four sites are top e-commerce sites which you can now do shopping on anytime, anywhere!

Top 4 e-commerce sites to watch

1. Luxola (



“Beauty is very personal. For me, beauty is confidence in knowing who you are and stepping outside of yourself to…

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