Month: January 2016

2016= Celebrating 50 Years of Singaporean-Japanese Friendship

(Cover picture of Doritan X Hello Kitty, by Michiyo Ishida) I am so excited! 🙂 After SG50, we now have the SJ50. This year 2016 marks 50 years of goodwill and deep friendship between Singapore and Japan. This is truly an exciting year which marks and promotes another round of cultural celebrations! Including food hehe, which I am never saying no too. I deeply applaud the Japanese community for always treating Singapore/ Singaporeans with respect and deepest goodwill. Many Japanese and Singaporeans truly appreciate each other’s culture with great sincerity. A lot of Singaporeans like Japanese culture and Japan, and as a Waseda alumni who had spent a year working and studying in Tokyo, I am proud to say that such positive sentiments go both ways. I hope that the good relationship between both nations will continue for many years to come. ^-^ Japan is a great nation and as a humble Singaporean, I am so happy to have many Japanese friends! To commemorate this iconic 50 years of friendship, there will be 6 weeks …

Of Bridges, and Distances.

I remembered writing about this topic sometime when I was 22. “Bridges and distances”. It might still be somewhere online. At that time, I was still a silly Economics major, and the post was written from a rational perspective. I didn’t know there is a field known as “communications”– or “public relations”–that could possibly be all about bridges and distance, and the expert control of it. -“When would someone create bridges with another, in order to feel closer?” -“When would someone create distances with another, in order not to be hurt?” And then there is doubt. Doubt! Doubt exists because you want to protect your -self- (a.k.a. ego) from being hurt. At age 27, it occurred to me that there might be at least one more dimension to add onto this “bridges and distance” paradigm. And that is “Clarity and vagueness”. -“When would someone be clear to the other, in order to create definiteness?” -“When would someone be vague to the other, in order to create possibilities?” Whenever you create a bridge, clarity is needed. …

We quit.

We QUIT! =P This year we made a conscious decision to stop blogging our opinions on controversial topics, until the internet gets more civilized. For, it is easy to have opinions, but difficult to empathize.

“light”, happy topics from now onwards on this blog! ^^

I’m turning into a cat.

Happy 2016!! This is super random, and I’m not sure how many people have this experience, but erm… You know, two of my favorite Japanese literature authors wrote stuffs about cats before. Natsume Soseki wrote about “I’m a cat“, whereas Junichiro Tanizaki wrote about “A Cat, A Man, and Two Women“. The premise is that cats are not really cats, but a symbol of something bigger. But what if human beings are really, or can morph into cats? Recently I’d been eating a lot of salmon, and I have constant cravings to eat more salmon. Also, having The Boyfriend next to me doesn’t help too because he likes to pat my head a lot, again a cat-owner/owner-cat sort of behavior. I guess I’m typing this just to kill time, while waiting for K-market to open so that I can buy more salmon. -The End.-