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3 ways to do well on social media.

(Picture Source: Yeow)

Today I am going to briefly write about the 3 guidelines to doing well on social media. If you haven’t noticed, I’d been experimenting with this blog on what appeals to Finns. I might try out some stuffs on Singaporeans soon since I have time in Jan. (Well, A/B testing is everything on social media, ain’t it :P)

Actually perhaps, engagement on social media is really not as difficult as you think. You’d just need to:

1.Sincerely appeal to people’s cravings to feel important.

  • If you are offering a niche page, basically just keep posting cool stuffs about the niche, how great the niche is, and why we are awesome.
  • Usually if you are marketing someone, that “someone” can be conceptualized as the leader of the pack. So any success of the leader would make the group feel important.
  • How do you make people feel important? Pile (sincere) praises. 😀 Show accomplishments. Show outsiders’ approval. Show awards. Show media reports.

2. Appeal to sexual gratification

Sex always sells!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Eh seriously. Who can resist pretty boys and girls?!

Sex always sells.

Alternatively, if you can’t be bothered to look good yourself, consider “pimping”. 😛

3. Appeal to people’s sense of loneliness and wanting to be part of a group.

Okay this takes skill, because you have to know your audience well in terms of brains and hearts.

Have you ever wondered why people like anti-governmental pages? Or why people pile hate on celebrities on anti-celebs pages? Why are people so free to destroy other people?

I personally think it’s because the administrator of the page + these folks want to feel that they are heroes in the world/country/space.

To be honest, nobody gives a damn outside of the community. So–first you have to know how the group sees and defines themselves, and then you have to know their heart.

How difficult can this get? 😀 Just do active listening!

All in all, I guess this is why it’s important for any social media manager to be really kaypoh, or intensely curious about others. Social media managers who don’t love people cannot tell good stories that engage or relate.


So let me prove to you that TheHieno is non-commercial. Because if I were to make it commercial:

  1. I would sing only praises about Finland. I would praise the country to the skies! You know, like say it’s a heaven, a paradise, everyone is happy, blablablah. I would leave out how asylum houses are burnt down by some racist natives, how there is a high level of depression and suicides in Finland, and how the Finnish economy has been in prolonged recession already, for more than 4 years, and it’d probably only get worse. And I’d sing one-sided stories about how much life lessons Finland has taught me, how lousy Singapore is.
  2. Then especially targeted at Singaporeans, I would post tons of pictures of the Northern Lights, cute reindeers in Lapland, pretty girls and boys.
  3. And the last group of posts, I’d do in Chinese and write advice to Chinese folks on how to do business with Finns, and only paint an optimistic picture. 😉

Erm, by the way, some blogs with a niche on Finland have already been doing the above. I honestly wonder how they manage to do it–because that’s so obviously PR-ish and fake. I think they can manage it because it’s not a personal blog anymore, but a personal brand. Again, follow the money. If a blog is linked to some sort of continuous “sponsored” cash flow, there is no way it can be 100% authentic. 😉

However, a “fake” image does tell a story too. If a “fake” appeals to your audience, then it speaks about the type of ideals they have, and the image they want to maintain. And once you discover that, it can mean ka-ching! 😀

Kind of sucker-ish though, to be living in delusion, and having a pool of clients living in the same type of delusion. But sometimes delusion is the only option to feel good. 😛 Sad.

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