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What it means by “guarding your heart”.

Hoho! It’s Xmas eve soon! How has your week been? Mine has been hectic ohmigawd.

Today I am going to briefly blog about what it means by “guarding your heart”. This had been a question that has been bothering me for some time already–around 5-6years?

I believe I got the answer today. “Guarding your heart” means to “not let certain things define you“. It also means to have “no expectations of reciprocation” and to expect nothing, unless proven otherwise.

I used to think that is a loser-ish way of thinking! How can you not expect anyone to be of a certain standard? But as I age, I realised– oh that’s just a way of people guarding their heart–to do their best and expect nothing from most things and people.

You know, sometimes when you have a hobby, or work on something you really really love and are really really into, it becomes harder and harder to guard your heart. Along the way, as stress levels pile up, everything starts to get personal. You stop seeing work as work and the rejection of work as the rejection of you.

It’s the same with people. Sometimes when you are super nice to someone, it becomes harder and harder to guard your heart. When the person doesn’t really reciprocate your affections, you’d start to interpret it as the rejection of you.

The revelation of truth has to be earned. You don’t freely tell people what you really think of certain issues, unless they ask. Likewise, it’s always tricky to mix passion with money, because visions might then differ. And sometimes these visions differ a lot. These are times when you guard your heart.

I think this year in particular, I’d learnt to not take things too personally. This is a super important skill! Once you learn not to take things personally, you:

  • Learn to ignore mean comments, gossips, unimportant people, unimportant tasks;
  • Learn to be more receptive to criticisms;
  • Learn to be more humble and teachable;
  • Learn to have work-life balance;
  • Learn to be harsh on the system instead of on human beings;
  • And most importantly, learn to use your brain more to analyze stuffs in a detached manner!

I guess it’s always very important to understand what and why you are doing something for. ^^ Always bear that in mind!

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