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Between a dream and a delusion.

Recently I’d been thinking about the difference between a “dream” and a “delusion”.

When a dream dies, it’s inevitable for one to feel sad. However, what is a “dream” to one might be a “delusion” to another. So when a dream dies now, it’s actually good if the reality is that the dream is actually a delusion, because then you don’t waste more of your life going in the wrong direction.

So, has it ever occurred to you that you might be delusional?

I’m saying this because recently, I’d discovered that I’m pretty delusional in certain things–especially when I get sold into a particular idea, it takes A LOT to get me out of it.

And the thing is, I actually do appreciate people who fight/debate with me, because then I’d get to see another perspective and re-evaluate my life.

So–in the event when the “dream” dies, it might actually be a “delusion” that dies. Which can only be a good thing, because it means that your emotions are completely mistaken!

Like the possibility of Donald Trump winning the elections? To some it is a dream they believed in. To others, it’s disastrously delusional.

So, let’s say a (not so close) friend comes to tell you, “I’m gonna run for presidency!” You think that is delusional. But what would you do?

–If you tell him, “LOL you don’t know what you are saying!” then they might get angry with you.

–If you tell him “Oh I am so happy for you!” then you are contributing more to their delusion.

I’d always wondered how to cope with this sort of situations. In the end I just have to control myself to not say anything, to trust that this friend knows what he is doing, and to say something mildly polite but don’t mean anything.

Indeed, I need to learn to trust that people know what they are doing.

Perhaps, once I learn to trust that people know what they are doing, then I can start to become more humble. Or maybe, I should trust that I don’t know what I don’t know–and feel happy with the (deluded–to me) person for a moment. Or maybe, I can advise the person only after asking for his/her permission?

Gosh! I might have been the really deluded one indeed, in some areas. I’m happy that I have smart friends and loved ones to pull me out of delusions sometimes.

Perhaps it is in these times when one can be grateful for all his failures because failures wake him up from mediocrity or delusions.

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