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How to beat the system.

A simple answer: you can’t ever beat any system in the next 50 years. So, change can happen only if–

  • the system fails completely;
  • you adjust your  your personal expectations to suit the norms of the system, i.e. compromise; or
  • you relocate to another system.

It’s close to impossible for the Finnish system to fail completely, because Finland practises this so called “social democracy”. This implies no strong political leadership/dictatorship. In fact, recently, the Finance minister Alexander Stubb was found lying more than once to parliament. (watch this video where he got assaulted by a random man) In other words, no political leaders dare to lead with resolution. The result is paralysis–you won’t succeed fast, but you won’t fail fast either.

Just look at some of the headlines plaguing the Finnish society recently:

For an entire list of injustice and discrimination against foreigners, check out the very noble Migrant Tales site which fights for foreigners’ rights in Finland.

At the rate things are going, there is a high chance that one might be absolutely deluded to assume that there would be positive changes in 2016. Positive changes are things like the Finnish working population suddenly getting more competitive, Finnish university rankings getting better, foreigners’ FINALLY getting equal treatment and entrepreneurs getting at least equal support and efficiency as compared to Sweden.

If you can’t even assure me that there would be positive changes, then on what basis are you optimistic? 😉

Unless of course, there is a will to do things to make the Finnish system fail faster. Which of course I can’t participate in, since it’s not my place to do it as a lousy foreigner. 😛 I’m after-all in the business of making companies succeed, not fail.

So the second option to stay within the system in peace is to accept the norms of the systems–which, is however you would like to define it. Rational people would come to the same one conclusion–and deluded people, a totally different one. All the best to you, though if you choose to compromise; stay optimistic. Because you’re gonna need it. 🙂

Alternatively, simply leave for another system. You are not a tree and nobody owes you a living.


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