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Between an “issue” and a “noise”.

I totally LOLed when I read this.

A summary: Alexander Stubb–the current Finance Minister of Finland– said 90% of “experts” supported his economic initiative of opening Finland’s security custody to foreign competition.

The reality however, is that only 10% of experts did support this initiative–and this figure was dug up by Helsinki Sanomat after they did some investigative Journalism.

In other words, it was a blatant lie by Stubb.

At this juncture, let’s do an experiment: I’d bet NOTHING will happen to Stubb, in spite of public opinion and rage.

Do you know why? Because in Finland, who cares about the public? =) Politicians just do whatever they want.

In short–don’t overestimate a “socialist democracy” and assume that your voices will be heard. It won’t. In other words, public opinion is just noise in today’s Finland and noise don’t affect decision making.

Don’t believe me? Let’s watch what happens then. My bet is that Stubb will get off scott-free with close to zero penalty.

Nothing ever changes in Finland, because people in power don’t want it to change. Simple as that.

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  1. Markku Ikonen says

    Peoples voices will be heard at next elections you can be sure of that, and I believe that Sipilä government will fall well before that by March 2016 and Stubb will not be re elected at next election. Democracy died when Richard Nixon and Margaret Thatcher ruled the western world and GW Bush and Tony Blair finished the remnants of it.

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