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Innovation without knowledge of the market is useless.

“I’d invented this absolutely excellent product!”

Haha, you know what? Without a market, nobody cares.

Sure, you can go ahead to be smart, “the best product in your (myopic) world”, but honestly nobody cares if your product is irrelevant to their lives, or too expensive for them to pay for.

These days, an understanding of the market is so underrated.

This whole “my product is the best” thing is so selfish that it makes me want to puke. It makes me want to puke even more after I googled and 3 competitors with the same idea came up in the first page. It makes me sicker when I realised that oh, guess what, your reputation is based on voodoo and your rankings have been dropping over the years.


How about slack and lazy to even do some basic research?

I’m so sick of narcissistic people like that already. Sure, take all the top innovation in the world, take all the R&D funding along with you. Talk as big and as large as you want. Take it all with you. Continue thinking you are the best in your own deluded little bubble.

I refuse to work in a space filled with deluded people.



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