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Fighting systems is futile unless you have power.

Short post before I go to bed. It’s a reflection to this post by Björn Wahlroos. Wahlroos basically argued that weak political leadership will cause the further downfall of Finland’s economy. I concur largely.

I really don’t understand why people still can’t (or refuse to) see that the macroeconomic crisis in Finland requires changes to policy, and this in turn requires strong political leadership and execution. If there is no execution to excellent planned political initiatives, then basically it means that things will not change.

Er–why is this so hard to understand? And what are you basing your optimism on–voodoo? A second Nokia that will miraculously appear? =) Sure, go ahead to believe in that then.

Systems are in place because people in power put them there. This implies that behind every system are strong supporting interest groups that prevent its collapse. Why fight with these strong supporting interest groups–do you seriously think you can win these strong interest groups, or are you that naive to expect the system to miraculously change for you?

You know, a few years ago when I was still young and naive, I thought I–just one individual–could change systems. Thing is: If I’d been taught while growing up that I can “change the world”, why can’t I change systems?

How foolish that was! I learnt this year that it is close to impossible to change systems, unless you have power. Why should any system give a damn about you?

What is power? I define power as cultural, political or financial might.

  • Cultural power/capital implies that you can influence people to side with you via heritage, or knowledge of the arts;
  • Political power means you have the network or influence to get people of certain groups to work with you;
  • Financial power means that you have money to either outsource the influence (i.e. getting persuasive people to work for you towards vision, or simply just hire some assassins to kill the folks against you.

So to people who think they can “change the world”, haha–please wake up, just as I did. Most of us are nobodies in Finland, anyway.

It’s however, easier to change yourself. And this is why I choose to leave.
Why would my choice matter to you, unless it somehow awakens the inner demon you are fighting against?

I choose to align myself with systems I agree with. And thankfully, I have a Singaporean system to go back to, in spite of all its flaws.

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  1. Markku Ikonen says

    Finland is no different than any other nation in sense that it is governed by multinational companies such as energy and banking. However, you can change the course of the history if you have the charisma to do so, I render Nelson Mandela as an example or Mahatma Gandhi or even Lee Kuan Yew. It is not right to say that you are nobody as an individual money has too much influence in world politics and yet money is useless unless it is used for betterment of the mankind and that is not happening. Finland needs its independence away from EU and it must have its own currency rather than be dictated by Germany that it needs the over valued Euro. Also the 24% added value tax is killing the nation it is absolutely criminal.
    Finland needs to start charging foreign students fees for universities like all the rest of the universities around the world. Walhroos is yesterdays man who treats common people like dirt and yet he is two bit player in world of finance around the globe. Finland is not waiting for another Nokia don’t kid your selves about that but what will happen is the second coming of paper and timber that is for sure and certain.

  2. You write:

    “I choose to align myself with systems I agree with. And thankfully, I have a Singaporean system to go back to, in spite of all its flaws.”

    I’m curious about the Singaporean system. You say you choose to align yourself with it, why is that? I don’t much about Singapore and I’m afraid I’m not the only one of your readers who is shamefully ignorant about your home country. Maybe that’s a good topic for a blog post?

    Keep up the good work, I keep coming back here regularly 🙂

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