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How social media is rapidly changing the music industry.

A post I did for IKIGUIDE, after Team IKI`s meeting with Yeow An.


(Feature Image by Audrey Tan of ShopJulien)

Hello folks! Today Team IKI had an in-depth meeting with Yeow An, the boss of Starlight Pagasus Productions Ltd, a music productions company in Singapore. Team IKI felt that some industry trends we discussed were rather interesting and we want to share some insights on the changing face of the music industry with you guys.

Background of the music industry: Just 15 years ago, there wasn`t a digital music revolution. Teenagers then (my generation, haha) were still buying CDs and listening to them on their Discman. Stuffs like iPhone, iPad, MP3 players that are prevalent today were not known. However, due to the music technological revolution we have today, the music industry has changed drastically–marking an increased movement from physical music to digital music. If you want to find out more about how this digital music revolution has dramatically changed the music…

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