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Fashion Marketing: Instagram or Facebook?

Today’s post about fashion marketing.

Fashion start-up owners often ask us this during strategy meetingsshould they use Instagram or Facebook to market fashion? Ideally any new fashion start-up should have both of course. However, if budget is tight and resources do not permit, which should they choose?

The concern is that most consumers probably have a Facebook account, but increasingly, the younger generation (= defined as born after 1990) is getting more and more active on Instagram/Snapchat, especially in Singapore.

My answer is without a doubt: Instagram! Now we all know that one of the more important indicators of social media strategy is engagement. According the social media researchers Hurrle and Postatny (2015), Instagram achieved a daily engagement level that is 15 times that of Facebook, topping the engagement level of more than 20+ social media channels. Every single day, 55 million pictures are uploaded onto the portal, with 1.2 billion likes (p.13).

The next question we might want to ask ourselves is: Exactly why does instagram work better than Facebook? The reason of course is because human beings are visual creatures–we absorb visual stimuli 60,000 times faster than we comprehend text. The second reason is that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter these days– people would rather watch a movie or video rather than read a long text or blog post.

Instagram started to monetize itself in late 2013. However, it is only in September this year that Instagram relaxed its restrictions on partner advertisers–making it easier for more companies to advertise rather than just the select group of 30 US companies initially. Just a week ago, Instagram also introduced The Instagram Partner Program, which is started primarily to “make it easier for advertisers of any size to find the best-in-class technology partners they need to get great results”. The reason why Instagram is starting to flood our feed with more ads is because Facebook Inc. (who owns Instagram) is under increasing investors’ pressure to make more money.

The advertising option on Instagram however, simply implies that any business owners can now have an additional option of advertising directly with Instagram, instead of hiring fashion bloggers (who sometimes you might have a dispportionate number of fake followers).

And perhaps, this could only mean that being pretty and looking good is increasingly valuable and can be translated to $$$. 😉 Not just on instagram, but on tumblr and pinterest of course, both rather valuable social media portals. 🙂


Hurrle, D., & Postatny, J. (2015). Social Media for Scientific Institutions: How to Attract Young Academics by Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool. Springer.
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