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How to get a pretty girl.

Hello! This is a guest post by Yeow An, my pretty and eccentric singer-songwriter girl friend. Let us know what you think of her tips!


Yeow: This is quite a funny topic.

So. I have guy friends who will say to me, as we both eye a hot babe walking by…

“Eh that girl so pretty!”

But those words barely escape their lips before they depressingly say–

“Cannot la. Probably too high maintenance.”

Although there is definitely some truth that it is more difficult to get and keep a pretty girl –because everyone already treats a pretty girl so well, in order to make her feel loved you might have to supersede that— I assure you, whether a girl is pretty or not she will still want to feel like the only one in the world you have the heart for.

So I always look at them quizzically.


At first I thought they assumed that you need to buy her expensive gifts, bring her to eat at high-end restaurants, have a fancy car you can drive her around in…

But it turns out some of them are just kind of… unwilling to put in any extra effort that would inconvenience their current happy life. If you are that sort of guy this article is not for you LOL.

If you are not.. here are 5 sure win tips to get a pretty girl (or any girl you’re having problems getting for that matter, pretty or NOT), without having to buy them $5k handbags.

1) Pay attention.

Since we are on the topic of $5k handbags… I’ve noticed that the gifts I’ve appreciated the most aren’t always the most expensive. But what gifts have made me the most happy, are when the giver shows that they know what you love. I am an artist. One of the most thoughtful gifts I have received was actually a comprehensive set of pencils.

There is this guy I know who periodically recommends activities I should participate in, or shows me things I would be interested in. I have always, without fail, ended up LOVING all of those things. It’s not like suggesting something I MIGHT like…everything he suggests I am always grateful for joining.

Paying attention is telling the person “I really want to know you”.

And that is the most flattering thing.

2) Have a big heart

Don’t be judgmental.

I don’t care how pretty a girl is. Since we are on the topic of pretty girls (But really, I think that’s just click bait. This post is NOT limited to pretty girls) I don’t care how pretty a girl is, she will want to feel accepted for who she is.

“I want to see your dark side. I accept you for who you are. I won’t run away, I’m staying and fighting.”

Criticism has been repeatedly cited as a relationship killer, by the way.

Don’t calculate the small things. Be someone she knows she can rely on at the end of the day.

3) Don’t be a pushover.

There is nothing like a man who stands up for what he believes in.

People always think girls like “bad boys”…actually the bad boy just seems more reliable than the goody-two-shoes when it comes to having to defend himself or her.

Be passionate about something. Have some righteous anger.

4) Be real.

Ironically, research has shown that we actually like people who are “vulnerable” with us (meaning they reveal their true feelings, etc.) Even if it means we now know their flaws. Perhaps it makes them seem more honest, because, who doesn’t have flaws? Somehow, it just pulls people closer. Love and acceptance are hard to separate huh.

5) Be reliable.

The first 4 points will make you very likable, but if you are unreliable, it will be very difficult. I want to know that a guy keeps his promises. I would want to know that if he says he’s going to come at 3pm it wouldn’t suddenly change his plans and say 6pm on a whim, or even suddenly decide to cancel. I would want to know that whatever he says has been thought through, and not randomly thrown out. I would want to know he isn’t going to suddenly disappear.


That’s all I can think of for now, from my very limited life experience! If you have any more points please feel free to add in the comments.

We all want to make this a better world \o/

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