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In praise of randomness


And before I go out– I shall expound briefly why it is important to be random.

It is simply because we don’t know what we don’t know.

According to Donald Rumsfeld, an American politician and businessman, there are four types of information:

  • (1) The “known-knowns”, defined as things we know that we know;
  • (2) The “known-unknowns”, defined as things that we know that we don’t know;
  • (3) The “unknown-knowns”, defined as things that we don’t know we know; and
  • (4) The “unknown-unknowns”, defined as things that we don’t know we don’t know.

If we think about it carefully, the “unknown-unknowns” are the things that could potentially make a huge impact on our lives, and one of the fastest ways you can find out what you don’t know you don’t know is to simply be random.

Unveiling “unknown-unknowns” will broaden your mind and introduce you to more things in life. Because you now know the “unknown-unknowns”, you have more possibilities in life, and can make more informed decisions. Sometimes this knowledge will even help you see and appreciate more beauty in life!

That’s why it is important to be random and open-minded, to find out more of these unknown-unknowns, made possible by an existing world-view that is different from yours.

And that is beautiful.

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