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“Why so much angst?”

Hey guys!

Okay my drop-dead-gorgeous friend Yeow An suggested that I write this post, so I am writing it now before I go back to read some International Economics stuffs written by Paul Krugman.

Recently, because of that viral post, Yeow An thought that I sounded “angst-y”.

“Why so much angst?” She asked.

The reason behind all the angst of course, is because I’m leaving Finland in 4 months time, and the fact is that I don’t know when I can return.

Imagine this: You’re going to leave a NICE HOUSE, a NICE FOREST outside your house, with random cute animals like squirrels and deers and rabbits. You’re going to leave a place where there are a lot of pretty boys and eye-candies to look at. You’re going to leave a place where people are kind-hearted, innovative and do loads of pretty visuals.

And why are you leaving? Because you know in your heart that the Finnish economy isn’t doing well, not going to do well for the next 1-5 years, and there is no logical or pragmatic sense of you doing a business here as compared to Singapore. The contrast between these two choices is huge and you won’t want all your years of education to go to waste.

You also know that you sort of won’t have an equal playing field because most people in Finland don’t really know where Singapore is. Yeah like, we are a really poor province in China and speak bad English.


Tell me how not to be angst-y.

(Photo by The Boyfriend. Instagram: thebfniko.)

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