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Fly! Really. Fly High.

Wow I’m really so excited for the progress of IKI!! :))) We’re truly flying!

For everyone who doesn’t know yet, I started a social media marketing and consulting company last November to encourage Singaporeans to dream bigger, and most importantly, to lead meaningful lives. The parent company is IKI MAGAZINE, and our content marketing arm is IKIGUIDE. Both are doing extremely well–I’m quite proud! 🙂

While we are still a humble start-up, I’m so grateful towards my permanent parttimers who have stuck with me for so long. 🙂 I’m sorry I can’t pay you more, but what this taught me is the value of passion.

YES! Thank you for sticking out with me!!  I hope we can continue to keep this idea alive.

Here are the two awesome advertisements we are currently running. Quite nice right!!

Hello Media. (2) WE ARE HIRING.

If you are a good fit, drop us an email at . Because we have to do f2f meetups with clients, you have to be based in Singapore to apply, ok? ^^

Till then, dream big!! 🙂 ❤

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Hi! This is Wan Wei and some affectionately call me WW. I help people remember you. Also Editor in Chief at IKIGUIDE (, Singapore's first online portal on personal branding.

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