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In Praise of Suits

Sorry for the lonnggggg hiatus. It’s been difficult to blog in spring/summer, I’d been sleeping for 10 hours a day at least, managing the company, doing thesis, and spending most of my time outdoors (with sunblock spammed of course). I’m so glad we had the company holiday--failing which I’d just really go crazy.

Or maybe not. I’m a great executor.


My awesome thesis lah ok! Editing.

So a brief update recently is that I’d been busy like usual but what really made my June was the boyfriend’s birthday and also that I’m going to meet Taleb Nassim on 10th of June!! 😀 I’m such a huge fangirl of his.

Also, recently I’d been checking out other people’s blogs. Like the blogs of Smith Leong, Dylan…because I like their online persona. Also I’d been reading. Reading a lot. On Singapore society, Singapore fashion, and things that matter to us lah. Daniel Boey said we shouldn’t write things we don’t believe on our blogs because readers can smell bullshit from afar. I concur.

Anyway today this random post–really really random, is about the dream of a Prince.

So you know, my thesis is on trade show advertisements, and I focused it to the case of studying wedding shows in Singapore. But KNS so much politics and ideology in the paper ok, I reassure you!! Ideology is fixed right down to the dress of the bride, her ring, the wedding cake, the wedding charm, blablabla. Then it got me a bit angry.

Why–pray tell– limit your expectations to brides only? Wedding show advertisements should focus on grooms too! When you are selling a fairy-tale dream, why impose your expectations on how beautiful the princess bride should look–defined by some random advertisers? Let’s focus expectations on the guy too!

OK–let’s say, if I were to have the huge chance to plan a wedding show ad one day. MAN I’D TOTALLY SELL SUITS. Let me show you via pics, what I mean. I’d sell dreams of grooms to look like that, and I term it “The Prince Dream”.  The common gripe with Singaporean guys is that suits are damn expensive (not necessarily true) and that SG is damn hot. But no –you can always bear with a bit of discomfort for the sake of beauty, power and perfection. This random post is to start the ball rolling in selling you MY expectations on how good a guy can look like–as a Prince: 

1. Gackt (Japan)


Gackt: (Source) Note that he doesn’t have perfect skin but he still looks charming anyway.





I think this is hot lah but some of my friends don’t like Yamapi. Why. haha.


Lee Minho.


Lee Min-ho and a random cat. Haha! Okay just kidding this is actually his photoshoot for Trugen’s Fall collection 2010.

Also, Taufik Batisah looks really, really good in a suit too! Congrats on your recent wedding, bro!


Then we have Wu Zun.


The thing is, you don’t even need to look good outside of a suit to look good in a suit. A suit simply ups your appeal by a lot, without even needing to necessarily have the “shape” or conventional good looks.  A case in point is JJ Lin.


(source) Very boyish and cute right? That’s after his Round 1 makeover already–before he became a singer he looked totally nerdy at ACS. So when he suit-ted up he looks like this:


(Source) In Japanese they’d exclaim it like that: 全然違う?!?!

OKay and last but not least, since this is a Yonghwa X JJ collab, let’s look at Yonghwa in a suit too:



Oh by the way, pale skin goes really, really well with suits for some reason! I have a guy friend who said that my boyfriend (who’s a Finn) would look super good in a pussybow top due to his “elf like skin that’s blemish-less like the inner side of an eggshell”. That’s an out of the world description but I concur! 🙂

As a sidenote, I’d been thinking about WHY on earth I don’t even bother dressing up in Singapore recently. I think I know why now.

The reason is because I’d been a nerd throughout the whole of my NUS life. There wasn’t a point to dress up because I’d been always pursuing logic. Like which part of economics is not logical, haha? It’s Math + good writing and logical persuasions. I’d been familiar with fallacies, how to write academically, blablabla.

So if someone like me has been a nerd all my life, has been so awkward with visual comms  and fashion, has been so terrible at semiotics (I only got to know of the term last year)–I’m thinking how other engineers would think. Yes, I’m thinking how other Singaporeans would think about fashion and this topic–or perhaps they don’t even think about this topic at all, dismissing it as frivolous.

But what I hope is for more Singaporeans to see that visual rhetoric, visual communication, fashion, dressing up, anything related to image, is a form of (very often more powerful and instant) communication, too. If you want to go global and PR for Singapore, you should really pay attention to this aspect. There is a global fashion system, a global code that everyone should adhere to, if not for power then for respect.

OK hope you like my suits post, and hope it makes you have higher expectations of how Asian guys should and can look like. You want to preach equality in fashion–? There you have it. LOL.

Dedicated to all pretty boys who love suits. 😉

I’m going to go for a walk since the sunshine is so nice. BYE! 🙂

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