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On Business and Ideals.

Hi folks. I just saw friends off from the train station and strangely this time I know who I will definitely talk to again, and who I wouldn’t. I’m going to write a piece on ideals today.

If I were younger I’d be doing the “Oh i’m going to miss you” kind of facade to everyone during farewell. Yes, after spending one year living in Tokyo I’m trained at this–it’s called “tatemae” in Japanese. But no. With age I can’t really bring myself to fake that much anymore.

The bubble that repels me the most is “idealism-without-giving-a-damn-about-reality”. I really cannot stand people who are think they are “ethical”/ “hopeful”/ “idealistic” without knowledge of how the actual industry works, or ignoring the country’s context. Or, they feel that they need to “help” other countries, or people–without even staying in the country for some period of time.

Or, people who feel that they respect/admire other countries who want to “help” other countries, or people, and use that as an excuse to feel better about their own country.

I want to laugh. Who is complaining? What is the trade-off?

Don’t get me wrong, I am for ideals. But such ideals must be made in the context of reality. If you don’t even know what is happening on the ground, how can you imagine what is the set of reality that is the best possible? How do you assume that you know what ideals people really want?

Then such people proudly go around and say that they “don’t judge”. Really? To me, these folks will be the most corrupt in future, because they fail to see how hypocritical they are in the present. They are good with words–so they can justify whatever reasons they have nicely. Okay that’s assuming that they can even get to a position whereby they can be significantly corrupt. Haha. Let’s wait ten years and see.

I also somehow feel that some Europeans like to judge business owners very much. It’s the thinking that “capitalism is necessarily evil”. -roll eyes- This is strange to me at least, because business has always been about value-added, whereas it’s the lawyers and accountants who are way more suspicious than business owners. Of course you have lawyers and accountants in societies which embrace socialism too–and do they see themselves as equal with the rest of the occupations? Of course not. 

The Russian bff phrased it every nicely– “All socialistic ideologies sound good in words, but the execution will inevitably be screwed up.”

So yes, as a business owner, I really very much prefer idealism-backed-by-a-sound-business-model. Social impact investment for instance, is a great start. Or, investment in fashion/art/wine. Or, investment in something which will help community at large, but still profitable.

Talk is sooooooooo cheap. Show me your ideals via execution.

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