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Marimeko’s 50!


Happy Birthday 50th, Marimekko! ^-^

Founded in 1951 by Armi Ratia, the unikko is the trademark of Marimekko, and it definitely is a funky and bold way of making a fashion statement. Marimekko–literally “Mari Dress”–celebrated its 50th birthday with a splash this summer, at the heart of Helsinki. I imported this post from my previous blog! ~

  They also had this really gorgeous floral themed concert, with a lovely band!

Perfect for summer.

It was just 10.30am on Friday and the place was filled with people!

 So many pretty flowers *_*True to the unikko’s theme.


  Happy Finns are gamely dressed in their respective Marimekko attire.

And there were people happily frolicking in the sun as well!

 Pretty Marimekko girls were giving out flowers, literally by the burrows.

 More happy people sitting on Marimekko’s beanies.

Rows of gorgeous Unikko umbrellas. Classy and chic.

 More pretty girls.

Such pretty beanies! I really want one in my house!

 Marimekko Kids.

Happy Birthday once again, Marimekko!🙂

For video coverage of the event, check out the instagram hashtag #unikko50. There were quite a few really gorgeous videos! ^-^

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