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Random, nerdy note.

Yesterday a friend said this to me:

“OMG you’re a nerd, wanwei”.

And I was shocked at first! And then felt very, very happy because at last, a friend discovered that I’m actually a nerd inside hehe. This sort of happiness is perhaps one that is hard to communicate. It’s kind of like a moment when someone saw your “true self”. :DDDDDD Most people tend to think I’m a true-blue business major, because I know how to pitch well and drive sales up.

But no. I’m a really really really really nerdy person at heart. Let me tell you this– I’m observing the image of a business person not till I make it, but till I BECOME it.

I currently still dress funnily, still talk too fast, and smile too much in the Finnish context. But hey, it was worse last semester, and I could safely say that I’d improved a lot. I still feel extremely awkward in social interactions, because I’m so used to doing things in the business context. (Which obviously then explains why I can pitch reasonably well–because I have tons of experience.)

And I want to improve further. I’d found a personal stylist who is helping me with my image now. 🙂

I don’t know…to be honest, I always found business school intimidating. In Singapore for instance, and at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Economics is under “Social Sciences”, which means we learn SPSS, matlab, or stuffs like how to do regression. You can dress super casually (i.e. flipflops, tank tops and shorts) to class, and nobody judges you as long as you contribute in an intelligent manner to class. Quantitative and mathematical stuffs are considered extremely basic. In Finland, Economics doesn’t seem to be like that for every major, or at least from what I’d heard–you can choose a non-Mathematical path as an Economics major.

What? I always thought doing Math and doing it rigorously is what Economics majors are proud of.

I deviate.But anyway I think business school all over the world places emphasis on how you present yourself too. I think I need to learn much on the “image” issue, because in Singapore’s Arts and Social Science context, nobody really cares. It’s really just no-makeup, slippers and shorts everyday. haha! Kind of like the engineering schools here–tee-shirts and jeans, and you’re great to go!

As a nerd, I always feel happy when folks talk to me about great CSS design, or HTML, or UX/UI. I also love planning beautiful social media programmes, with really awesome visuals. At the same time I’m grateful for opportunities to be better! Such as learning to make really beautiful videos, coding better, taking better photos.

I have no wish to ever impress upon you as a “communicator” with no hard science to offer. 🙂 And this stance will be consistent throughout my life. I want to be a very, very critical communicator who can do coding, beautiful web designs, and stunning visuals…that can drive the sales of any companies up. =) And I’m doing well, really. Not complaining about a perfect GPA. 🙂

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