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In Pictures: Tokyo Disneyland

I guess Tokyo Disneyland is always a must-visit place for most people. And Tokyo Disneysea too, for that matter! ^-^

Anyway, one of the questions my friends tend to ask me is–“If I only had a day near the Disneyland area, where should I go: Disneyland? Or Disneysea?” My answer is that if you are young and have a strong heart, do opt for Disneysea for there are more exciting rides. If you’re old at heart (like I am) or have tons of young children, Disneyland is a safe choice.

Anyway, I think both Disneyland and Disneysea are also dating spots, so you’d be seeing a lot of Japanese couples and families.

Picture time! Tons of funny-looking pictures, haha!


18745_252527530814_2260788_n  18745_252527555814_869206_n 18745_252527580814_5772343_n 18745_252527635814_832243_n 18745_252527645814_5051902_n 18745_252527675814_7820834_n 18745_252527715814_5628774_n 18745_252527795814_1186956_n 18745_252527830814_5215831_n

The Small World Ride:

18745_252527900814_7155237_n 18745_252527905814_2864326_n 18745_252528100814_5613113_n 18745_252528570814_4692824_n 18745_252528595814_6736211_n 18745_252528600814_8109246_n 18745_252528795814_847795_n 18745_252528850814_4765402_n 18745_252528880814_3799006_n

On a non-related note, here’s our supper! 😀 It was winter, so pardon our greediness.


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