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Seoul Good! Seoul Food.

Today’s brief post will be about SEOUL + MYEONDONG + Food!

A lot of focus online on Seoul has been on shopping and hauls. Which is really accurate, because MYEONDONG, Dongdaemun, Honggik and Ehwa areas are really all about shopping and cheap man-won (10,000W) deals. If you’re lucky enough, you might even see 5,000W deals! We bough so many shoes and bags and clothes at that price –even 10kg of them. ^.^

During our Sponsored KTO Trip last December, we went thrice to Myeondong for shopping and food. So, today’s post will be on the less featured MYEONDONG and its nearby areas that we felt were interesting as well.

1535416_10153604966490442_1380537261_nThere’s this bun like thing with egg inside, and SOOSOSOOSOOOOO YUMMMY! Only 1,500won.


It was probably worth mentioning that there was a crazy strike on our way to Myeondong. O.O We were stuck in a jam for 30minutes due to blockages.



Seoul has all sorts of café too, with mediocre coffee, but great atmosphere and really nice bread/cakes!!


It also started snowing really hard when we were there. Fiona’s first falling snow!

fiona eng and wanwei


1476201_10153604965665442_1927339709_nWe ate porridge after I got major food poisoning the day before.

I got food poisoning because I was eating really oily chicken with SOJU BOMB– I’d never try that again. Soju bomb is SOJU + Beer, and it’s definitely not for everyone, because the different beer density really messes up with your body!


Chicken Soup for the Seoul–I mean Soul.


Power Banana Drink.

1461194_10153604964945442_286221723_nRemember it was snowing? We also saw this poor mascot standing out in the snow. It’s a mascot for cat cafes.

There are cat cafes everywhere nowadays!! Apparently within the last 6 months, there has been 5 new Cat Cafes in Singapore.

1521504_10153604942170442_1058547925_nI miss Korean Rice.

1486652_10152168845280815_367757107_nWe saw this near Myeondong at night…full of steaming hot food *-*.


And what better way to end this post with an Etude House dreamy castle store? :DDD

Sigh I miss Seoul. xo.

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