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Mt Fuji + Hakone

Today’s post is about Mt. Fuji and Hakone! ^-^


The Mount Fuji–also known as 富士山–is easily the most famous mountain in Japan. Some foreigners call it Fuji-yama because of the kanji 山, but honestly it is just “san”, haha. Anyway, at 3776m tall, Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan. It also looks perfect from most angle, like a pretty lady peaking out of the blue curtains on clear days. ^.^

I think one of the most precious parts about travelling is also reminiscing your travels, and looking back at your growth. I was looking through my past visits to Mt. Fuji, and was pretty awed by the photos. I had actually been to Mt. Fuji + Hakone area three times, but all experiences for the three times are different. Here are some of the photos:



There are tons of stops on the way up to Mount Fuji. Here’s one of them. Totally gorgeous scenery.




There are really adorable and curious Japanese cats too!


brown room

We actually stayed at the YMCA Tozano, a really cozy international hostel with a breath taking view of the mountain.

Bet you didn’t know about it! Actually, the Mt. Fuji and Hakone areas are both tourist spots– but if you were to take some time to do research, there are ways to enjoy quality time with your student team or project teammates too. In my opinion, both areas are excellent places for rejuvenation and team building.

Off to Owakudani to eat black eggs! Basically you climb the volcanoic valley to reach the top and eat black eggs known as kuro-tamago. One egg represents an extension of your life by 7years. Not a bad deal, really!



They sell Ramen too. Really really nice ramen!food

hello kitty    More food….nice1

After the visit to Owakudani, we went to lake Ashi. As usual, gorgeous, goregous views!!!


sirusEnding the post with a picture of my pretty friend, on the ship with me! xo.

You should definitely visit the Mt. Fuji + Hakone area–they’re pretty symbolic of Japan and you get your life extended by (7 X number of kuro-tamago eaten) years!!

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