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Himeji + Kobe

Hi folks! Today’s feature will be on two really lovely cities in Japan–Himeji and Kobe. I visited both places around 6 years ago!

I really don’t know why I’m missing Japan so much recently–it always happens when Autumn is approaching. Autumn is my favorite month–with lovely momiji, or maple leaves and I saw a lot today! Nothing beats watching leaves turn yellow and then red slowly. –xoxo

In particular, I’m missing Kobe a lot, so I’d be writing a little about Himeji Castle and Mount Rokko.

Basically, you can explore both Himeji and Kobe in just one day! The Express Train JR TOKYUU operates on a 15 minute interval, and the duration from Kobe Station to Himeji station is only 50minutes. You can buy the 1 day JR Kansai Area Pass at 2,000yen.

Himeiji Castle is actually one of the Seikai Yisan–or crowned the world cultural heritage by UNESCO. It deserves all praises out of its title, not only because of its architectural structure, but also because it is super well preserved. Last year it underwent a construction process too. It has a history of 400years after all…

Anyway, if you are interested, it’s only 600yen/adult to visit! A must-visit when you go to the Kansai Region, I’d say.

On a side note, I do have a strong regret for NOT visiting the Junichiro Tanizaki museum when I was in Osaka. It’s close to an eternal regret….I hope I make it to Osaka some day on holiday (either by myself or with the Boyfriend) in the near future. After all, Tanizaki isn’t someone you’d want to visit with your family or friends–he has some really warped and radical ideas that might well be displayed in the museum.

Some of the ideas include asking his wife to abort his son when she was pregnant, because he did not want to compete for attention with the kid. That wasn’t the shocking part–the appalling part was that his wife actually abided by his wishes–and he cherished her even more after that abortion. And also some of his novels are really dark , i.e “shisei”, “chijin no ai”, “shunkinsho”. Yet his works are very attractive somehow, because they have a heavy allusion to the theme of “beauty in degeneration”.

So…my point is that it is better for you to visit alone, or with your spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend. For one, if your friend understands Japanese, it would be damn awkward; if he doesn’t, he’d be bored to death. A partner might be slightly more understanding, I presume!?

I could talk for hours about Tanizaki…I love a lot of his works! You should read “sasameyuki” if you haven’t. It’s probably one of the few books that is not that warped, even though it touches on the theme of “beauty in degeneration” too.


himeiji night

himeiji nightThe gorgeous castle at night, on our trip back from Kobe.<3

Anyway, here’s a picture of Himeji in the morning:kobe

We took the JR train to Kobe, Mount Rokko in the afternoon. Mount Rokko has the best mineral water in the entire world–trust me!!!!

Anyway the amazing Mount Rokko is 931 metres high, and you would be treated with a really goregeous view of green and urbanised Kobe at the peak of the mountain. The sunrise/sunset views are spectacular!!!


mount rokko

Also tons of really pretty flowers as we made our way up…

green stuffs wanwei kobe    I LOVE THE CABLE CARSSSS.mount rokko kobe


field kobe


yellow flowers kobe lavender kobe

And even a picture of a worm is soooo artistic <3.

worm kobe

OK. Here’s the abrupt end to this post! ^.^ I can’t type more; I’m missing Japan so damn much already!

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  1. Wendy Shen says

    Wowzers I also missed visiting this place when I was in Tokyo 4 years ago…if I get to go Tokyo again I’ll surely wanna go there!!

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