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I felt compelled to type this, first and foremost as a human being, next as a previous Japan Airlines Scholar and finally as a friend to many Malaysians. I know unfortunate things happen everyday–but this really hits too close to home, too close to Hari Raya.

I’m always very personally affected by airline catastrophes because I have many pilots and cabin crew friends with Singapore Airlines and Japan Airlines, and I do know some Singaporeans who work with Finnair too.

My heart goes all out to the families and loved ones of the passengers who were on the MH17 which was mistakenly shot down in Ukraine by rebels. 😦

My heart especially goes out to the 28 Aussies who were on board, because I know how much you had wanted to get home. I also know how exhausting it is to take the route you take– from Amsterdam to Malaysia to Australia.

For at least four times already I’d flown on the Helsinki-Singapore route and I’d consistently sat next to one of your fellow Aussie mates. We always had delightful long chats with each other–on long distance relationships, on studying abroad, on visiting a loved one.  On one KLM flight to Amsterdam I even gave my Minnie mouse toy which I caught from a UFO catcher to the little Australian girl who drooled on it.

My dear Australian friend–your flight has always been incredibly exhausting, the distance between Holland and Australia is huge, and from our conversations you shared with me I could catch a glimpse of your heart–you just want to go home safe and sound.

My heart goes all out to the Malaysian Airlines crew on board. It’s too close to home, it really is. While I don’t know anybody from Malaysian Airlines, I know so many Singapore Airlines cabin crew–some of them are my good friends, and while most people think cabin crews lead glamourous lives, they face risks as such all the time.

This incident is truly and deeply unfortunate, not to mention extremely appalling. It could have been Singapore Airlines; they could have taken that route. Heck, I could have even been on that plane, or know someone who might have been on that plane. The world is so small nowadays.

I still find it hard to fathom how innocent people–people who are HIV expert researchers, soccer fans and normal civilians living a quiet life– can be shot down mistakenly.

To the rebels, it probably almost is like a game–“I just killed a bird with 300 folks on it…shit?”. To the friends and families, it’s probably like their worlds destroyed, yet again.

Do you think parents give birth to kids for them to die this way?

I type this with grief, with deep sorrow and shock at how sad the world has degenerated into.

Meanwhile I say a prayer for all my friends in the airline industry. I can only do this much. 😦


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