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Acing a job interview

There’s this ONE Presentation which went viral: .

And guess what? In addition to this whole list, my friend Phyllis came up with 7 more! ^-^ :

And in addition to the “Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You”…. Here is my list of ” Seven Reasons Why I will NOT Even Bother Calling You Up For An Interview”:

1) While handing in your COMPLETED application form to me, you decide to say “Actually I am not really interested in this job”. Pray tell, how would you like me to answer to what you say? Are you hoping that I will throw away your application form and resume into the bin right there and then.

2) I understand some of you may have trouble with the English language. But I would really appreciate it that YOU PERSONALLY ASK “May I know more about this job?” etc.Dragging your boyfriend along, and making him talk on your behalf, is not exactly what employers hope for… ARE YOU FIVE YEARS OLD, or twenty-five?

3) Showing not much interest in a job at a career fair is one thing, but having the cheek to ask “IS THE SALARY NEGOTIABLE?” right after you show your complete disinterest, is downright STUPID…So if you have no interest, and I (stupidly) hire you, which results in you not really doing your job, CAN I NEGOTIATE YOUR SALARY TOO? (Like a pay cut for being uninterested and lazing around)

4) Please read the job description if it is given to you. ESPECIALLY THE BOLD PRINTS. Being unable to understand the most basic requirements stated AFTER staring at it for 5 whole minutes only goes to show one thing–“COMPREHENSION SKILLS: NIL”.

5) To the ladies, really I am not too sure about even giving you consideration, when you turn up looking like you want a mama-san job. We sell sauces and seasonings, and it is highly unlikely that we will be selling meat any time soon.

6) If you decide to give a handshake, make sure it’s a firm one. A limp and half-hearted handshake says “I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN MYSELF!!!” Guess what, neither do I (have confidence in you).

7) SPEAK IN AN AUDIBLE VOICE. If what I hear is “Erm may I……… (voice becomes inaudible even though there is nobody else nearby talking)”, it makes me wonder if you seriously lack confidence. Not to mention it causes me to wonder if any interview conducted with you will turn out like a silent movie.

Now if you will excuse me. I will interview someone, I JUST WON’T interview you.

Haha, I thought the listed points were all very interesting and true!

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