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The Coke Saga Isn’t just uniquely American

…It’s a phenomenon which happens everywhere. Especially with globalisation.

SO, have you heard about this Superbowl Big Game Commercial 2014, by Coca-Cola? It caused a major hoo-ha online. If you have no clue about what’s going on, WATCH:

Actually, I thought it was a pretty decent commercial, if not unimpressive. But NO! Apparently some Americans were extremely disgusted by it. Why?

Because the song America the Beautiful was sung in not the “official”, American language, but in multiple, alien-like foreign languages. The above CM incurred such a huge American wrath that it is not even funny; tweets flooded the internet saying that English is the official language of America, and no other languages can corrupt the beauty of America!

That sounded contradictory to me at least– isn’t America a place which celebrates diversity?

Anyway, here’s what my friend Juls said about the whole issue in her passionate facebook comments, which I’d compiled and edited with her permission for your reference. I always like her rants haha:

Nazis would publicly post offensive tweets like what we’d seen. The USA is a country which houses many immigrants. What’s the fucking problem to accept that some people have different mother languages than English? And they all become part of the country they move to, so do their languages.

Is this not plain stupidity? The so-called “patriotic song” is all what this ad is about: diversity. And the people who feel offended by this clearly are facing personal issues, if they can´t accept their country for what it is and always was: a place where people from all other the world migrate and contribute to, if they choose to stay.

So as I quote from one of these misguided Americans– “It is a part of every single true American. Why then is Coke not glorifying the culture that began this great nation, the spirit that is struggling to stay alive today? Why does Coke need to tell us that those building blocks aren’t good enough anymore?

In just over a minute they told us that multiculturalism, political correctness, and forced equality should replace our time-honoured culture and heritage.” What a fucked up person, seriously.

I really want to take her and shake her. But who wonders: “I disagree. I am not a liberal. I am a member of a nation that does not want me anymore. I am a member of a family that is replacing me with a second dad, or female role model, or egg donor. I am a conservative woman. I am descended from the first families to enter this nation from England. They fought to survive the winters and diseases, the pain and death. They were the founders of this great nation. They wanted liberty from government interference. They wanted others to be safe from oppression.”

And that she should think of the Native Americans who did not speak English when the settlers demanded their land for themselves. Oh, the irony!”

Eloquence, much? Anyway, RACISM IS EVERYWHERE. And honestly, it stems most of the time from misguided beliefs of superiority.

But just a reflection, isn’t Singapore like that too, recently? I see a common thread between this American case study and the “Why-I-am-Not-Proud-to-be-SIngaporean” case study/Anton Casey case study.

Recent happenings as such in both America and Singapore how insecure both “original” Americans and Singaporeans are, against the backdrop of globalisation and rapid immigration!

The growing xenophobia scares me a bit, even.



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