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Recently Id been reading articles and news on drug abuse, so I thought I’d write something on it. Today’s post is on addiction. Because I understand why people get addicted to anything at all. Id share my experiences on a mild alcohol addiction, and then Id speak about why drug abuse is something we should all be concerned about.

Let me first start by saying that this is not a typical “you shouldn’t do drugs, you shouldn’t do drugs, coz’ it’s bad, ya know?” type of post.

On the contrary, I’m going to present my perspective– through my own life experiences– that I understand why people get addicted– and leave it up to you — a smart, thinking individual– to take the decision to be proactive in informing your immediate environment against drugs/alcohol addiction.

Even as drugs are illegal in Singapore, some of my night-animal buddies have commented that they are easily available in night clubs and after-clubbing ‘private parties”– if you know who to ask.

And I put forth to you– please, please don’t do anything that makes your brain degenerate. Please don’t. It pains me, even as I don’t know you at all. The moment you stop thinking at all IS the moment you are anti-life, and from that moment you’d just fade into a drifting, meaningless type of mode and move in the direction of death. I’d talk more about it later.

A, Why People Get Addicted…to anything at all.

People get addicted to things because they are somewhat bored in life, and probably of life. They experiment to find meaning, and sometimes when they lose their footing they find themselves addicted to certain things.

I was once like that. During my student exchange in Japan at the age of 21, they held drinking parties three times a week. The reputable university, in fact, was famous for drinking :D . I found myself clubbing every other day. It was really fun! I drank so much, got drunk, puked a lot, danced a lot, made so much friends. And after a semester, I still got stellar grades–all A/Apluses. What’s there to lose?

I made friends with bartenders and bouncers, and they are still on my facebook today. I learnt how to make tequila sunrise, and cosmopolitan, and drank them every single day. But it was only after four months that my body started to react. When I stopped drinking, my head hurts. I had terrible after-effects. I knew I was mildly addicted to alcohol.

You might ask– is it not OK to be bored of life? Who knows what life is about anyway?

My answer is–there is a positive side to addiction too– in the first place, addiction comes through experimentation. You are curious, you believe in carpe diem, and hence you experiment. Big entrepreneurs are successful in the first place because in their quest to be different, they experiment. Is it wrong to experiment?

No, my friend, please continue to experiment, BUT you have to know when you are addicted. I knew I was addicted then–because I practically couldn’t continue my daily routine due to those frequent withdrawal symptoms. I hated not be able to live life freely, and hence I forced myself to go cold turkey.

It took me two excruciating months. But I think it would be more for other folks who are addicted to drugs and all.

B. What is “Pro-Life”/ “Pro-freedom”

“Pro-life” is when you use your brain to think rationally. You weigh the pros and cons by choosing to think, not just mindlessly follow.

And because you are thinking, and thinking and thinking in every move you make, you know it was the best decision at that time and HENCE there is no regret.

But for youths– let’s put it this way– if you feel bored about life– make sure you experiment while thinking. Do not experiment with things just because a friend is doing it, experiment because you know what you are doing, and you have thought it through and weighed the consequences.


This is how you are pro-life, even IF you do not know your purpose in life, yet. This is pro-freedom. Pair experimentation with rational thought today. Make it a point to value yourself and live by choosing to think.

C. Anti-life

Do therefore you see what I mean in this post, my dear friend?

If you continue to engage in addiction in anything at all that is harmful to your body, mind and soul– you are moving in the direction of death.

Simply because addiction robs your ability to think critically. And even though you are not physically dead, there is practically no more purpose to life, because you are mentally dead by choosing to give up the option of thinking.

If you cave in to peer pressure and make the choice to overindulge in alcohol, drugs, or even smoking–not because of your own utility or benefit– you effectively are anti-life and slowly moving in the direction of death.

And my dear friend, this is not a fallacy of “false dilemma”. I’m talking about a direction, and how easily the choice to devalue your life can be undertaken so easily just by taking one step towards the wrong trend. If we do not continue thinking, this will be our life. This will be our history, present and future.

Addiction is evil, my friend.

Choose to be pro-life, choose to love freedom, choose to experiment AND think. ❤

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