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Hello ALL!

This is my first sponsored cosmetics post, and the second sponsored post. And I got sponsored the whole set! Thank you for the vote of confidence in The Hieno! OMG lah.

As you all know, I am NOT a beauty blogger, I’m NOT even a blogger– I’m a marketer who happens to write well, that’s all. So HAHA drop your expectations of me blogging like a beauty blogger! I’m going to blog–the marketer’s style!!

Yes, you’d got it!  Instead of boring you with
1. Camwhoring shots;
2. Details about products when you will probably disregard them. I mean, personally I buy cosmetics because of word-of-mouth reviews from people I trust, OR packaging.

I am just going to show you TWO more photos, then you make your own decision on K-palette.

I LOVE this brand K-palette’s because it is THE DEAL, MAN! It’s ranked No.1 on for so long!  😀 Mascara wise, usually I’d use either K-palette, or Majorlica. 🙂 Both are amazing!


And here’s why it is amazing!

I have sparse eyelashes to begin with, and this mascara really makes a huge difference! And I didn’t even use the eyelash curler. And K-palette gave me this 1 Day Tattoo eyebrow pen too, it’s amazing. The eyebrows are way neater!! 🙂

I think the K-palette 1 Day Tattoo range is totally amazing lah. I especially heart the eyebrow pen. HAHA. Because the colour is a pretty shade of dark brown and it just looks so natural, as opposed to you drawing your eyebrows with a pencil! 😀 😀 and the other tip has powder. So it gives a more natural look. Heart the dual-tip!

OKAY here’s what might interest you! ❤
My sponsor and I are giving away 1 K-palette 1 DAY LASH-PERM!
It’s my second favorite product, after the 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Pen. 😀
Check out The Hieno’s Facebook for more details!

Till then, xoxo!!

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