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;The Junk You’re Holding

I saw a kid holding a soccer ball today. And I thought of this story I wrote when I was 18. OMG I’m so old now. LOLOLOL. Presenting…Both English and Japanese versions. 🙂 It was inspired by Hamasaki Ayumi’s TO BE. Enjoy!


The Junk You’re Holding

Hi everyone!
This is Wan Wei. I’d be entering university next month!
And I’m going to be an economist when I graduate. Today, I’m going to talk about two of my friends who are passionately pursuing their dreams.

There was once a boy named Yutaka. Whenever people see him with the football in his hands, they’d praise him “Wow!!! You play soccer well, don’t you?” Yutaka would then blush and feel very pleased. It was his dream to become a professional soccer player.

Yutaka is 19 years old this year. Yet as he walked down the street in his Albirex jersey holding on to the football, people would stare at him as though he were holding onto a junk. Yet he still smiled and told me “This is my treasure”. His dream hasn’t changed.

Renxin is a girl from Malaysia. She is blessed with a good mind, multi-talented and outstanding to the extent that she could have easily gotten a scholarship upon graduation from high school. Yet she chose to stick with her childhood dream, “dance”. She told me, “Could you be satisfied if you give up pursuing your dream?”

Both Yutaka and Renxin are my friends. Initially, I couldn’t understand both of them. When Renxin called me at night, saying, “I’m worried about the dance audition tomorrow”, I thought, “Why is the multi-talented girl worrying about dance?” It confuses me to hear from Yutaka that though soccer would not earn him a lot of money, he derives satisfaction from touching people’s hearts.

Both of them makes me worried, sad, and sometimes envious and angry.

“Why don’t they choose the easier route instead of the harder one? Why do they choose these kinds of dreams as their lives?”

Surely, we all look up at the same sky, breathe in the same air, and face the same social pressures. Surely, as we say that “It is wonderful to pursue your dreams!!!”, to most people dreams like lawyers and doctors are better than soccer players and dancers. Is it worth it to go for the dreams, so like a piece of junk, that go against the dreams which society considers as “successful”?

The hands which hold on so firmly to the junk, won’t they hurt? The heart which sacrificed so much for a dream, won’t it ache? The will which defies the will of so many others, will they ever waver?

These questions seem so important when we decide how we live our future. But when I see Yutaka striving to do his best on the field, and Renxin dancing so happily on stage, they seem like stupid questions.

Both of them shine. I found their thinking to protect the junk they are holding, refreshing. Many of us throw away our “junk” right from the start. Or maybe had it buried so deeply in our hearts that we forgotten what it is. Because I like both of them, I want to treat their “junk” with importance too.

Perhaps for both Yutaka and Renxin, there would be the day when they can show the world their “junk”. A life dedicated to making your “junk” important, isn’t it also a wonderful way of living?




そ の一人は「裕」です。裕は小さい頃からサッカーが大好きでした。どこへ行ってもサッカーボールを抱えている裕に、周りのみんなは「へぇー!すごいね、裕君 はサッカーが上手なの?」と聞いて褒めます。裕はうれしさで顔を紅潮させ、こっくりうなずきます。彼の夢、それはプロサッカー選手になることでした。



裕 もレンシンも私の友達です。私は最初二人を十分に理解することができませんでした。夜中にレンシンから「明日のダンスのオーディション、心配」という電話 をもらいますが、「何でもできる彼女がどうしてダンスで悩む必要があるのだろう」と思ってしまいます。裕から「サッカーはあまりお金にならないけれど、人 に感動を与えられる。やっていて一番楽しい。」というのを聞くと戸惑います。



確 かに、私たちはみんな同じ人間で同じ空を見上げ、呼吸し、社会のいろいろなプレッシャーの中にいます。私たちは「夢を追いかけるのは素晴らしい」と言いま すが、ダンサーやサッカー選手より多くの人は弁護士や医者になるほうがいいと思っているでしょう。「社会で成功する」という理想に逆らってまで、「夢」と いう名のガラクタを追い求めることは本当に価値のあることなのでしょうか。



二 人はとても輝いているのです。私はそんな二人の「ガラクタ」を守りたいと思う姿勢が新鮮に感じられました。私たちの多くは、初めからガラクタを捨ててし まっています。何であったかさえも忘れてしまうほど心の奥底へ葬っています。私は二人が好きだから、二人の「ガラクタ」を大切にしてあげたい。



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