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Meet Frinny*. (Name changed to protect the innocent).

I’d never imagined in my whole life that I’d be able to own ART like Frinny. It’s a surreal, happy type of feeling! 😀 When Clive from treesandtrunks passed me the JUNKWOOD box at the MRT station, I was overjoyed. For a moment I remembered this Japanese verse–「そんなガラクタを大切そうに抱えていた」. THIS– is literally ガラクタ personalified. 🙂 ❤

Or perhaps even “overjoyed” is an understatement– I’d always loved wood. The smell of wood, the texture of wood, and in general, its tranquillity. It’s really gentle on the eyes, and somehow connects you with the wider world around you–nature. The Here’s Fiona when she visited Helsinki! 😀


In Finland, I am constantly surrounded by forests–chunks and chunks and chunks of them–and one of my hobbies is to stare into the vast, unending forests and be surrounded by silence. Forests are really amazing living places, and the silence which encapsulates them is both alluring and enchanting. And Niko’s dad owns a forest in Finland, so it’s pretty cool to go on forest visits.


But Frinny IS not only wood; he is art. 🙂 And that pleases me to no end.

He’s grumpy too. And that’s a mega plus!!! I love frowny, grumpy creatures. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Anyway, this sparks off questions of WHO created Frinny, right?

I mean, as you hold a piece of art in your hands, you would naturally feel an impulse to know the creator. Because you feel a connection with the art the way the creator wants you to. Personally I don’t think any sculptor gives a shit about how their art makes you feel, but more about how their art make you feel the way they want you to feel. And the person who created Frinny obviously shared some common grounds with me in the way we approach wood– because Frinny feels damn raw. And when I opened the box, it was the whole smell of wood. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I feel a connection, and NO WAY would I trade darling Frinny for anything. It’s mine, HAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, let me show you other pieces of art done by the creator, Mr. Wong Tin Yan:


He did stuffs like giraffe, dogs, and really cute wood benches lah!  Here are some of his art:




Okay if I have this in my Finnish garden I’d just die of happiness everyday.


Amazing hor. I like the second and third chairs. So adorable, fierce, frowny and Finnish like!!! ❤ (All photos: source)


This is from an exhibition in HK. Adorable and frowny! These art makes me look forward to my sponsored HK trip in Nov!!! 😀 😀 😀

Hmm if possible, I’d like to meet Mr. Wong one day, and then get him to sign on a Finnish piece of wood from Niko’s dad forest. HAHA. ❤

Artists are so, so, so, amazing, no? 🙂

Want to own an art like me? Check out treesandtrunks fb page now! ❤

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