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I just exposed a company.

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to talk about fake facebook likes.

Take a look at this facebook page, run by this unethical private PR firm, for a government organisation meant to encourage set up ironically, and specifically, to encourage Singaporean youths to commit less crimes.


They have 69,788 likes. and 15 people talking about this. You kidding me? That’s less than 0.02% of people caring about their page.


And…best part, most people come from VIENTAM, Ha Noi. What would Vietnamese people be interested in a website related to Singapore youths??? This is –perhaps–obviously a case of the private PR firm faking likes over facebook. TO fake 70,000 likes, you just need to pay USD35, if you get the (dirty) job done over fiverr; USD5 for 10,000 fake likes.  Look at the black arrow; why is there a sudden drop? Simply because they bought fake likes, and stupidly so from Vietnam. Facebook bans and delete fake accounts all the time.

Yes, screw them.  I believe they are using us taxpayers’ money to cheat.

There are also, of course a handful of bloggers who buy fake likes, because sponsors who are more familiar with MSM over new media, e.g. social media tend to relate likes to the bloggers’ popularity and reach. This is of course, another misguided mentality. You look at per status likes and comments to determine if a blogger is really relevant or not, not overall page likes, because the latter can be faked.

Btw, let’s deviate to talk a little about “legit” facebook likes. A lot of bloggers, in desperation, DO advertise on facebook so that people will like their pages, therefore giving (sponsors) the impression that they are somewhat unique and popular. Well, to me it is okay to do ads on facebook, because at least you are moral.

But to fake likes on instagram and facebook? Come on…that is unethical. If you are just average in looks, have shitty resolution pictures AND can neither write nor cheat well, then there is no reason why people would like your page out of their own will. If I want to see hot babes, I buy playboy; if I want to read about interesting lives, I go to established bloggers; If i want to read up on particular areas, I read niche blogs.

Not stupid bimbotic blogs of random girls calling themselves “bloggers” and pretending they are very important. PUI. You shame the blogging industry. I shudder when you say you are a blogger.

Why would people pay for likes, when it is not backed up by engagement? Why pay to tell the whole world that you are a shit boring (albeit “popular”, yea right) person? Instead of thinking of how to improve your looks/pictures/writing and value-add to people’s life, these bloggers with self-inflated egos engage in artificial product differentiation with no value-add at all, ending up in a vicious cycle of self-delusion.

Yes, there are people who buy your stories that despite looking like a prude, you are somehow, by some magical definition– “popular”. These are stupid people. The smarter ones know, and the more you rant on about how popular you are as a blogger because your likes are high, the more the smart people roll their eyes at the back of their head, being exactly silenced by how stupid and deluded some people can be.

I realised recently that my greatest challenge in PR, is not with people who are smart. I still do greatly appreciate people who complain, who bitch, who speak logically– no matter how emotional they might be.

It’s people who are stupid that I’m greatly confounded by. I hope they don’t even talk to me. Stupid and unthinking people suck the life out of the smarter ones; blindly looting, stealing and cheating. They make smart people disillusioned and less motivated to contribute greater ideas to make the world a better place.

And I rest my case.


  1. haha wanwei this is exactly how I feel about the general state of affairs for the majority of Singapore blogosphere too! Argh! Sometimes I really feel lamentable when I see blogs like those have tons of followers and I’m like, does the Singaporean population read anything more sophisticated than this? x.x

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