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Exclusive! The Cheater’s Cheatsheet.

Hello All! ❤

Today I’m going to expose cheaters. I found time to write this post because I’m currently running a fever AND the panadols and cough syrup are ironically making me “high” and not sleepy. But it’s good lah coz I took MC and I can finally rest! 😀

Background again on what sparked today’s and yesterday’s post. I was drinking coffee with the amazing Sheryl and Carol yesterday, and Sheryl shared her experiences in contesting. And because we got along so well (Sheryl is damn funny!!!), I was pretty inspired by her generous sharing; I wanted to present a post to make it easier for everyone to report cheaters, as you would just need to send this URL to organisers when you want to show them how Singaporean facebook contests cheaters cheat.

Why am I so against cheaters? Because cheating takes the joy out of winning contests. Is it not sian to spam everyone on your facebook list, lead a voting contest, only to have you beaten by a cheater with USD5. I’d show you how. How do I know so much? Because I come from a PR/Marketing Background, and trust me I’m so sick of cheaters.

And therefore– I present to you the:

  • HOW to cheat, and then show you
  • WHY–in rational, emotional and financial perspectives– cheaters are pathetic.

Then YOU make a decision after considering all factors, on whether to cheat or not.

❥Definition of “CHEATERS”.

I define “cheating” as

  • Paying professional contest syndicates to vote for you; or
  • Spending hours on vote exchange forums to trade “likes and shares”; or
  • Having at least 50 fake accounts (not backed up by any human beings at all) to vote for yourself; or
  • Blatant Plagiarism, or paraphrasing of ideas without citing.

Personally, I hate the last category– because they are blatant leeches. As long as it is my idea and you don’t cite or credit me, you are a leech. And I look down on leeches– because they are unthinking and ultimately anti-life. They encourage stupidity and there is nothing I hate more than stupidity.

The first three categories AT LEAST have some sort of warped merit: If you pay, it shows that you have thought rationally and have decided to take a calculated risk. If you spend hours on vote exchange forums, it shows that you are hardworking, and maybe even patient. If you create 50 fake accounts for yourself, it shows that you probably like playing the SIMS SOCIAL. LOLOL. But plagiarisers CHOOSE to not use their brains, so I hate them.

OK, here goes the next section…

❥How To Cheat–On “Like-to-vote” apps or contests

Up to today, I have no freaking idea why companies still run “Like” contests, and voting constitutes 100% of the result. It’s way easy to cheat on those! At least have some brains, organisers, to run a 40% like, 60% judges’ choice contest right? Why would you want to give your choice of winners away to voters, as a brand manager?

  • If your aim is equity or fairness, you should make the whole judging process random; and
  • If your aim is to make your brand awareness stronger, you should pick a winner whose vision is closer to your company’s branding; and
  • If your aim is viral marketing, you should ensure that while likes are there, ultimately judges hold the final decision, no?

1. Use

Sign up for a account, and google “facebook likes”. I really love because people offer all sorts of talents there– you can get a fake girlfriend for $5, get someone to draw you for $5, or get someone to sing you a birthday song for $5. I use whenever I want to code things. Usually you can buy 100 facebook likes on fiverr, for USD$5.


Are they reliable? Look out for the LEVEL 2 SELLERS, and reviews on sellers.

2. Vote Exchange Forums

Run a search on facebook on “Vote Exchange Forums”


OK how do vote exchange forums work? It’s simple.

You trade likes with fellow cheaters.

This means that you join one of these forums, message anybody in the forum to exchange votes, and then cheat. So if the cheater has 50 fake accounts, they can do “50 X 50” which is trading 50 of his votes for 50 votes with the fellow cheater. Get the implication of 50 fake accounts now? You not only can cheat with these 50 fake accounts of yours, you can cheat BIG TIME because of vote exchange. Just do 5 transactions and you end up with 250 more votes.

OK so both tools are enough to encourage ANYONE to cheat, if they are determined to win any contest. It is just very time consuming, and I won’t do it at all, because my opportunity cost is high. I earn at least $4000 per month, which translates to around at least $200 a day, and why the hell would I trade my free time on such vote exchange nonsense?

Assuming you take 1 minute to log in and out one account, waiting for the laggy app to load and finding your entry,  logging in and out 50 accounts would take you 50 minutes.  Doing 5 transactions would take you 250 minutes, or approximately 4 hours.  I’d rather sleep.

Therefore, dear facebook contest organisers, this is why I am saying, if you engineers do not code the programmes to check IP, you are blatantly encouraging cheaters, which is ironic for a reputable organiser which is against crimes yourself. Because it is really SO EASY to cheat! I suggest you google all top contesters names with the accompanying words “congratulation (insert name)” to check on their previous winning history.

If you find that they have previously won a couple of contests with top prizes such as  ipad minis on 10,000 votes, then should it not raise suspicions that they are cheating? Who the hell has 10,000 facebook friends? Facebook themselves capped it at 5,000 friends/account! Oh by the way, cheaters really do go for ipad minis, coz they are easy to resell. just FYI.

❥Next, How Plagiarisers Cheat.

Basically they just copy and paste the previous person’s work. Blatant copy and paste, with all grammatical errors included. I’d always been a victim of stupid plagiarisers. Somehow, people just LIKE to copy my works. I treat that as a compliment, thank you very much.

I dislike two types of copycats:

  • One who plagiarises, i.e. copy wholesale (But okay, admittedly you can’t blame people for being born stupid); and
  • The next who copies the idea, and then refuses to cite. I really hate those too. Can’t they just say “thanks to so-and-so for their ideas”, or “I was inspired by so-and-so”? No, they just take the idea, and pretend it is theirs.

I have low tolerance also for the people who allow copying. What do they do? They just bitch to other facebook friends when their work is copied. As if bitching to facebook friends will do anything to change your situation. -.- So while I don’t think they “deserve” people leeching wholesale on their work, I think they are definitely “asking for it” and even encouraging it by not speaking up.

Here’s how to check if a person is using a copied work:

  • Photographs–Save the file. Go to google images, click on the camera icon:

google image

Upload the suspected picture, and check if the person plagiarised! If it is stolen off google, it will appear on google again!

  • If you suspect a work is copied, simply copy and paste a random paragraph in google. Search results would reveal traces of similar writing style.

OKay. Now let me share my views on cheaters.

❥They are sad people.

I mean this. As some of you may have known, I spent last month stalking this nortorious full-time cheater to compile evidence of her cheating. She joins ipad mini contests for her whole extended family, cheated and win. In the Darling App contest, she joined, wanting to win in all three catagories. She won 12 ipads in 3 months, using fake accounts, vote exchange forums and the names of her whole extended family.

At first I really hated her. I was so disillusioned– does Greed have no boundaries? Then I realised she IS doing it as a full-time job, and softened my approach.

Why would anyone cheat? Especially for housewives or mommies, it’s because they want extra things to bless their families. They might feel that their hubbies are working hard and they are “doing nothing”, and it probably is extra stressful during times of recession. Therefore I understand why they cheat, and I have made a decision to stop complaining against them when they did not join contests I join.

But does it mean that they should do it, even if it is understandable? I don’t think so.  If you feel unjust, you should complain to the organisers, and that is why I wrote this post–to make it easier for you to complain. You just need to forward this URL to the organisers!

Cheaters are sad people. Really sad people. They are people who base their  life values on material goods. They measure their importance in the families and to their loved ones through how much money they can bring home, or what they can buy for the family members.

Imagine a husband telling a wife “why are you not trying hard enough to win the ipad mini, on vote exchange forums? Don’t you know we need the extra cash?” Or, imagine a kid blaming her mother on not winning cupcakes because she did not cheat. What kind of values are you inculcating in your families?

So dear cheater I used to stalk, if I ever meet you in real life, I’d still love to know you better. Because I know you are capable of much more, from how you planned to win all three ipad minis in the Darlie game, it was rather well-planned. You need not cheat. Train youself, upgrade youself, go be a manager of a company by sheer hard work when your daugther’s bigger! I’d support you!

❥They do not understand the real value of time and integrity.

Cheaters see time as unimportant. They do not understand that life is short.

As I said, vote exchange is probably very time consuming. And after doing so much, you might not win.

  • If you do not win, you lose all that time cheating, which would never be recovered again.
  • If you do win, you win the material thing that is stained by cheating–which will haunt and remind you on a day-to-day basis.  What for?

Is your integrity only worth $500– the cost of an ipad mini? Do you need to feel that your reputation is not worth $500?

If there is a need to feel that way, then obviously there is something wrong with the way you are living right now! I strongly recommend you to go find a solution to the root cause, instead of indulging in continuous cheating. We are all reliable, trustable people, if we choose to be.

Okay folks, I’m now done with my article on cheating. I hope you’d enjoyed it, and feel free to use this post to complain when you feel the need to feedback to organisers about certain loopholes in the contests. I have a lot of compliments from fellow contesters that I’m eloquent–and this is my little way of giving back to the community. Joining contests should be a fun thing, never a miserable, name-calling one!

I’d also hoped sincerely that I’d shown you why it is damn pathetic and stupid to cheat. Cheating usually is never superficial– it reflects a deeper problem of insecurity, or a wrong belief. Is this the type of life you want? Cheating is never as “easy” as you thought, and worse still– the cheater never produces anything productive as they cheat because precisely, they believe that they are untalented to alternatively buy the prizes for themselves, with their own income.

Thank you for reading such a long post with us. Have a good day ahead! ❤

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  1. Torri Anne Gnin says

    Interesting!! I always thought cheaters just created dozens of fake accounts, didn’t know how vote buying worked (spend money to cheat? are u kiddinggg hahaha)

    Hope this is a reminder to companies against having pure voting contests on facebook. You want to reach real people who would buy your products, not ghost accounts.

    Join some contests yourself & make friends with some contest junkies, find out for yourself!

    “Because I know you are capable of much more, from how you planned to win all three ipad minis in the Darlie game, it was rather well-planned.”

    “…the cheater never produces anything productive as they cheat because precisely, they believe that they are untalented to alternatively buy the prizes for themselves, with their own income.”

    Agree! Super like.

    & to cheaters: You’re not stupid, you have skills, offer them to the world instead of using them to leech ❤

  2. rachel freed says

    Heya! I did provide all that info on vote requests! Hehe and i pity all u sad sad people! Poor thing…. go get a job. It will give u more meaning in your life than trading your conscience for an ipad mini.

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