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Compers…are not beggars

Hello lovely readers of The Hieno!

This is my third post in the past 24 hours, am going to create a new category PR and file them all under it. My fever is going down, and I’m feeling better but still very tired! “Compers” is defined here as consumers who like to join contests.

Okay this post is addressed to PR companies in Singapore— I know there is this notion of Singaporeans being extremely auntie-like and kiasu, BUT never treat them like beggars. Never have a condescending attitude towards them, failing which, your brand will never go far.

Here’s reason number one why–

Compers…are increasingly having a loud presence BOTH online, and offline.

Some compers even have constantly updated blogs, and go to a hell lot of events. Why on earth would ANY COMPANY want to treat them differently as bloggers? They talk, they have presence, they know a hell lot about social media. They are no longer the stereotypical aunties who cannot use computers anymore. They might be people like teachers, housewives, coders and PR/marketers (like me), university graduates, ah bengs, ah lians, models, camwhorers.

For your ease, I’d categorised them into the following types:

  • The Eloquent Cheesed-Off Comper— IF they are eloquent, fed-up of the situation and decided to do something about it, you’d find them bitching online in lengthy posts like this.
  • THE ANGRY SIAO COMPER— If they are VERY VERY ANGRY, yet not as eloquent, you will find them personally PM-ing A LOT OF PEOPLE who like your page and telling each one of them how shit your company’s branding is. I’d witnessed this before. It’s like one-to-one bitching, in broken, angry, aggressive English, about how your company sucks. (e.g. the PM spamming CCB, KNS, CCBLJKNS, FCKTHEMFCK!!!!) Yes I’d seen these complaints, and it’s just terrible to read.
  • The Relatively-Established-Blogger-who-loves-contests–Please don’t offend bloggers who join contests as a hobby. Bloggers in Singapore have a close network, and it makes no sense if bloggers-cum-compers say shit about your brand, in a sincere manner!
  • The New-Age Auntie:  I definitely belong to this group, with Auntie Kathy, Auntie Rachie, Auntie Sheryl. This new age auntie shares information freely and generously within a huge, huge community. They make friends with everyone who loves joining contests, and they talk everyday about anything under the sky. And yes, don’t underestimate auntie power. They are the wisest, and they ALL got IPAD. You die if you offend them, coz the whole auntie gang will boycott you. (Btw I’m very auntie at heart, even though I am 25 years-old, and I’m proud of it.)

Likewise, some bloggers actually do a lot of contests. If that’s the case, does it not mean that the line between bloggers and compers are increasingly blurred? If you as a company sees social media as an essential part of your PR campaign, why the heck would you want bad publicity for yourself through the very people who will one day be your consumer?

Check out some of the pretty compers who are bloggers in their own rights, AND extremely influential online.


Okay, now on to the next section. HOW companies treat contesters like beggars, and how you, as a contester, can protect your rights.

Some companies like to anyhow change terms and conditions, and give misleading advertisement.
E.g. Once upon a time, this established company collaborated with a blogshop, and advertised the prize of a blogshop contest as “STAND TO WIN $200 WORTH OF VOUCHERS”! The impression then per person is that each person would get $200 worth right? Wrong. They chose 10 winners, and each got $20 worth.

$20 worth is ok, but it came in $5 denominations. And FOR ONE TIME USE. wtf. Now this is farrrrrking irritating, because when the winner wins the prize, they have to travel to this ulu shit area to collect…say…4 X $5 voucher. Do you know how stupid this is? The cheapest item on their website is $16.90, excluding $3.90 delivery. I wrote in a complaint letter, and they have since settled this in a good way.

Don’t make the difference between first and second prizes so big.

e.g There was an online shoe company who had first prize as $600, and second, third, forth prize as $5 voucher. -.-

e.g There was another shitty overpriced boutique company, who ran a social media contest with four finalist, and only three prizes. I cannot stress how stupid they are. Then the last person is sore loser is it? Really treat contestants like beggars.

Always keep in mind your original purpose of running a contest.

Dear company, isn’t it for good PR purposes? If that’s the case, does it not mean that you should at least attempt to ensure that the prizes are good? I do understand the sales perspective; you want to keep costs low while doing some sort of advertisement too. But it’s better to have no PR, than SHIT PR. Trust me on that.

Okay, this is the end of my third–and final post to the FEVER series.

Now it is YOUR turn to share with me positive or shitty experiences you have, with companies. To encourage you to write– I’m collaborating with the amazing Wendy Shen to give out not one, but TWO hampers!

hamper a

Hamper A– Worth $130! (But self-collection at Admiralty MRT only!)

❥Kerastese colour cleansing balm– $39.90.

❥KMS Colour Play, dry touch up– $35.00

❥LUX foundation powder– $39.90

❥FASIO Mascara– $18.90.



It consists of

❥wolverine memobrillia book,

❥ key chain, and


I will choose the winner for Hamper A, and Wendy will choose the winner for Hamper B. (HINT: WE ARE QUITE BITCHY SOMETIMES, so maybe unpleasant comments will rank higher than pleasant comments.) Here is the contest mechanics:

1. Like The Hieno’s Facebook Page, and share the post on this contest.

2. Post a comment here on the blog– not on the fb page– about your best/worst experiences with any company’s contests you have joined before. In the event when you felt that a company failed you– no vulgarities please, and try to present your case in a factual manner.

Contest ends 9th September, 2013. You have three weeks! 🙂 Have fun! 😀

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Hi! This is Wan Wei and some affectionately call me WW. As a naturally curious person, I have interviewed over 100 inspiring politicians, C-level executives, entrepreneurs and influencers globally! Also Editor in Chief at IKIGUIDE (www.ikiguide.com), Asia's first portal on personal branding.


  1. Michelle Ang says

    When they post the comment that i win it, but in the end they ignore my pm at all till now i still didn’t get any reply from them. I was really pleased off as they ignore me. If they are not sincere in giving the prize, then don’t even organize a giveaway contest.

  2. Oh Lye Choon says

    I happened to win the first prize of a car show a few months back. It was a pair of air tickets to Tokyo. One must think I am very lucky to get the first prize but read on. I received a call from the contest organizer asking me to be present at the car show for the prize presentation ceremony. I was told to buy a ticket that cost $25 because they can’t give me a free entrance. See how cheapo they are. I was made to wait for almost two hours when I got the prize. Reading the terms and conditions I nearly fainted. The tickets excluded airport taxes and petrol surcharges meaning I have to fork out $500 per ticket more. See how cheapo they are again. It’s even more expensive than promotional tickets. I did not even bother to claim them and the certificate is still on my desk collecting dust. I really can’t understand why sponsors can be so cheapo when giving out prizes. Sometimes I have won movie tickets but they expect me to go all the way down to collect them and It’s during working hours excluding lunchtime. What is the purpose of winning when the transport costs and the time spent is more or less equivalent or more than the tickets.

    • Hello lye choon! Thanks for commenting!
      That’s ridiculous, to pay the 25bucks!! Terrible organisers` attitude!!! But honestly you are pretty awesome to even attend. If it were me I’d refuse to enter the place and grace their ceremony.
      Hmmm this isnt the first time i heard of taxes excluded in air ticket prizes though! Think they should have specified the tncs more clearly! :/ agree on the point on movie tickets too! I don’t see why they can’t send!

  3. Cai Meifang says

    There are so many, but the most I hated is a certain company giving contest for a giveaway prize and then after the contest ended. The post ‘suddenly” disappear as if there was no contest at all. I think these companies are evil and have no intention to give in the first place. Cheaters, I have unliked them and condemned them.

  4. Today I learn that contest-goers like myself are called Compers! And indeed, Compers aren’t beggars. I’ve had so many unpleasant experiences when taking part/collecting prizes but I will highlight one such case in my reply today.

    MoovieSpy – I’ve liked them since they had only 3k likes (till now, they must be having at least 15k subscribers already?). Alvin, the founder was very cordial and approachable when I first knew him. We even personally chatted a few times about movies. The fateful event happened when he decided to come up with a very inappropriate joke on April’s Fools’ Day, to give away 200 movie tickets for Iron Man (if I didn’t remember wrongly). My fellow compers-friends were very excited and kept sharing that post with friends. Several hours later, he announced that the “joke was on us”.

    Granted, it didn’t seem like such a PR disaster at this point, but it gets interesting. Many people got pissed off and left the page. Some left comments before they left, most replies were actually not that harsh, but a few were laced with insults.

    And his reply to even the nicest post was very condescending and insulting, and he was almost just literally chasing people off the page (since he already had a big ‘fan’ base). To him, we had zilch sense of humor.

    I wrote a reply on that particular post, using professional language as far as possible. But even my cordial reply, was snubbed with rude remarks. I believe fame (of his page) got to his head. There were some compers who stood by him, which he quickly relished and took the very opportunity to further insult those who were annoyed by this inappropriate ‘joke’.

    Annoyed at his lack of tact, I became ‘THE ANGRY SIAO COMPER’ as you had mentioned. I PM some friends/compers/etc and warn them against MoovieSpy. And now, this blog entry is the perfect vessel for me to reiterate this story, yet again.


  5. Shanice says

    Well, i’m not sure if its just me facing this problem or there are others too.. I always get products near to expiry dates. Food hamper, foot mask etc.. It’s like, “so happy i won this!” to “they are just trying to clear stock and do PR together huh” almost immediately. It leaves me with a bad impression of the company, even though i know i should be thankful.

  6. My bad experience I joined the contest before is the one contest of the TV channel. That time I received a phone call from them, but I can’t hear the phone because I still working during the time. After I feel free and call back, no buddy answer. They already deleted my name & I lost the chance to collect the prize ( a SAMSUNG handphone). They just give me one phone call only and nothing information by email. So sad!
    P.S : I know they deleted my name because my cousin also have win the contest. When they go to collect the prize, and sign their name, they saw my name already cancel at the same paper! Bad luck!

  7. What an excellent trio of posts ET!!! .< Sorry to hijack your comments thread, and hope this will help other friends to stay away from crappy companies!! 😀

    Let's be happy bimbos!!!!


  8. i am aiming for the wolverine 🙂

    my worse experience is with an organiser of a huge major contest. It is not a small player in fact i think they spend easily more then 300k on the promotion. we know they totally screw up their own promo because when we ask them why some of us never win weekly prize when we knew we are the top scorer for the week. They keep saying “please read the T&C to us. The issue here is they did not follow their own t&c when they select winner. After the first week they stop announcing who is their weekly winner because they know if they announce, they will get question like what happen when they announce in the first week.
    When they announce the first week winner, we provided proof that they did not follow their own T&C, They change their answer and say technical issue so some of our score was not captured. They let us become weekly winner because of their screw up. Because of what happen in the first week, we notice that they stop announcing weekly winner.
    All the weekly winner won a trip to KL, so we all got to know reach other at the trip.

    At the end of the contest there is suppose to be a grand winner that will win a trip to europe. The winner is suppose to be the person with the overall highest score and would be from one of the weekly winner. When we ask them who won, they state cannot announce winner due to privacy and confidentiality issue.
    Its a super crap reason, they don’t dare to announce because the so call winner is not the person with the highest point as stated in their T&C.
    We ask around among the people who won the weekly contest and non of us won the grand prize. The Grand winner is not one of the weekly winner and they do not dare to let people know who wins because they screw up and did not follow their own T&C
    The T&C is there for a reason and if the organiser do not follow their own T&C then what’s the point of having a T&C.
    If they make a mistake and contestant exploit a loophole in their T&C, It is the fault of the organiser. The contestant is not at fault is the organiser make a mistake in their own T&C, the contestant was only being street smart and read the T&C carefully.
    This is the first time where major contest do not announce who is their winner and everyone know they don’t announce because the moment they announce they will get shot at, so they hid behind a new privacy rule so if we cannot get any info we got nothing to question them with

  9. Pei Ya says

    My worst experience is that they announce on their facebook
    page that i won the prizes and they state will contact me shortly .
    But they never give us way to contact them like email or what
    just like letting us wait .and after so long they have nothing ,give us nothing.Felt cheated
    and scam 😥

    While my best experience is that i won a movie ticket preview and that day i can’t make it
    but on top of that they know i didn’t come to collect,
    they send me another movie ticket of a show to watch it in compensate it ,Felt quite grate and touched by it ! 🙂

  10. Hui Ying says

    I wish to win Hamper A!! 🙂

    Thanks ‘The Hieno’ for the awesome & bitchy post that I agreed & liked! Truely writing the hearts of all compers or i would say contest junkies lol 😀 Over the past 3mths of joining contest/giveaways, has encountered both good & bad experiences. it was really a fun process meeting many lovely, enthu, crazy & of cos sincere junkies who are always 24/7 joining contests haha!

    I think so far, my worst experience will definitely be blogshops cos i have joined many of them. there is this so called ‘popular’ bs that i have won a $50 vch & vch code was given to me, but strangely the vch code cannot be use during checkout page! So I emailed them asking about the vch code, sadly no response for 1 freaking mths srsly! i believe they are just ignoring my email since their launches is still ongoing on weekly basis (every wed fyi). this is crazy & im fed-up so I went to look for the bs owner fb, pmed her to ask! surprisingly, she replied saying she didnt knew abt it cos her admin was managing it wt*!! no apologises or a word of sorry from her *terriblex3!!! Not the end yet, the whole process of purchasing to receiving took me 2 mths! so this is the service they gonna provide their customers when you purchase from them?! YES i agreed, those organizers are indeed treating us as beggars srsly!! whoever want to know the bs, pmed me LOL!

    Many good experiences though, i still enjoyed joining hehe.
    Be it good or bad experiences ‘stay calm & win more’! Happy sharing peeps 😀

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