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My Secret to Winning Contests!

♥Hello All Supporters of The Hieno!♥

Today I’m going to blog about a super useful life skill–winning contests legitimately.  I sincerely hope it will bless you all. 🙂

Here’s the background: I used to have an alterego that I set up for social media “spying” purposes, and her name is Rella!  “Rella” first started joining contests in January 2013.  Coming from a PR/marketing background, it all started from wondering how it felt like winning prizes, and I decided to join too, just to experience the comper’s perspective! 🙂 So this explains some of your questions ya– “how come an atas person like wanwei joins contest?” The answer is: RELLA IS ACTUALLY VERY BIMBOTIC.


If can win bag, who don’t want?

I deviate. Anyway I started joining, and within a week, I won something! Like…what, really? 😀 Then as I joined more dilligently, I started winning more. And I was super grateful! Is it really “luck”? No– it is “skills”– and read on to know my secrets!

Part of the reason why I was super grateful was that my other hobby is UFO-catching. In Japan, Shanghai and Taiwan, I frequented their arcades for UFO-catchers like crazy. Segaworld, UFO-heaven, I’d been to all of them. Shitty UFO catchers at night markets in Taiwan, I’d visited most of them and spent loads in most of them. And despite knowing that Singapore UFO catchers are really shitty–the only two reliable ones are at Bugis Plus and Marina Square– I still visited and spammed almost every month. My monthly expenditure could rise up to $100/arcade. Scary, no?


odaiba ufo

In Odaiba 24hours UFO-catching place. I spent the whole night catching. caught 2 nyan-cats for 200yen LOL

It was addiction. To be honest, I kiap not because of the prizes. In fact, I give away most prizes, even big big teddys like this:

rella and jiah

I kiap because of the adrenaline…

…And after I started winning some contests, I realised that the adrenaline from UFO-catching and winning something IS THE SAME. And I win stuffs legitimately, so I’m quite sure it’s not solely “luck”! Here are some tips some inspirations today, after a happy coffee-chatting session with blogger Shorthairlady and contest-hearter Sheryl. ❤

Here we go!

1.  ALWAYS HAVE A “WINNING” Profile picture.

♥ It can be your face. But if you use your face, make sure it’s a pretty face!

A pretty/cute profile picture usually works. Avoid using pictures like generic boring FLOWERS/CATS/DOGS because these are characteristics of a fake account. If you want to put a cat, do it Sheryl’s way by putting a cute burnt hello kitty. (That Hello Kitty got story de!)

For instance, Rella always refuses to add people who has the following Koala Bear as a picture:


They are usually fake accounts, and PR/marketing firms know that! So please avoid generic pictures as such!!

Put a pretty picture of yourself, photoshop it to make it more artistic/beautiful/glittery/perfect!

2. Have an alternative contest account, if necessary.

 Most facebook contests are “like and share” contests. You won’t want your real friends’ walls to be spammed right?

So create one alternative account just to join contests. Friends wise, you can always add fellow compers (Or just add Rella, and she’d introduce fellow compers to you!) And don’t use your original fb account to join, because that will be cheating. Let’s all play fair, ya?

3. Be Diligent!

 In the beginning, just spam everything! Just like and share diligently for at least a month, and eventually you will win something, I promise you! A great page from a dear friend I’d recommend is Peppersung. She updates contest pages on a daily basis! 🙂 Just like her page and join the contests she recommends!

4.Read the Terms and Conditions FIRST.

Know the challenges in the TYPES of contests!!!

♥ For Voting Contests…

Know that there definitely would be cheaters. Cheaters are defined here as people with at least 100 fake accounts. Fake accounts are accounts that are not backed up by real human beings. If you are the type who are easily affected by cheaters, I recommend that you don’t join. Joining contests should be something bimbotic and fun.

If you do join, however, and want to win– I recommend that you identify the cheaters, collect evidence, and then PM the organisers about this. But usually of course a lot of people skip this step because nobody is so free. I solved this problem of reporting for you– Just forward this article to the organiser. It is a comprehensive explanation I wrote, for your convenience–to explain to organisers how cheaters cheat.

And also this method is not fool-proof! After complaining–you might not win!

So I’d say, complain because you feel that you want the PR company to know what’s going on, and NOT because of selfish interests. Because the latter is too risky.

♥ For Essay/ Writing Contests….


I kiapped this Rilakkuma. Its name is BEER-CHAN. HAHA. SGD$2. I PRO RIGHT. HAHA

Check your English, basically. Nobody wants to read broken and shitty English as an “entry”, much less a winning entry. Edit your work! Check through, check through, and check through!

And if there is only one winning entry, think of something different that would stand out from the rest of the entries! This would also mean that it would be better to join such contests when it is about to close, because then you can check the entries from the rest of the people! And also only post when you are inspired. Because it would then be sincere.

For “Like a comment” contest…

These contests are REALLY STUPID. I recommend you boycott them with me. It’s damn stupid, really! It works like this:

Company posts picture. They invite fans to make comments. Comment with most likes win.

How stupid is that?!?!?!

Let me give you an example. Recently there was this Darlie contest, and because it’s a VOTING contest, there was this notorious cheater syndicate inside. The theme was “Tell us your best beauty tip that nobody ever thought of!” His comment was “Drink water everyday.” This comment gathered over 1000 likes. (Through vote exchange forums, of course– I’d talk about that in another post).

Darlie was really smart however, in maintaining control of the brand, and having their system check IP. So the whole gang was disqualified. Kudos to Darlie for taking the effort to stamp out cheaters!

So yea, for those types of “Like a comment” contest, you can’t beat cheaters too. So I’d recommend you skip it coz the whole mechanics is just stupid. It reflects lack of brand control on the part of the PR/marketing firm too, and I’m against brainless marketing campaigns of some sort.

If you want to join, make sure there is some sort of judges’ consideration as part of the winning criteria. And if you find out or suspect there are cheaters, grab a few other similar minded compers and complain away!!! Make as much noise as possible, but only with evidence, of course!

 For Like and Share Contests…

Make sure you comment “liked and shared” after you like and share! Because it’d then be easier for organisers to check!!

For Photo Contests…

big stich

btw, I kiapped this BIG STITCH too. For 500yen. Around$8? HAHAHAHAHA

Check with the organisers about the use of photos ya.

If you are some type of model-wannabe, KNOW that you might be jeopardizing your own career by joining blogshop ambassadors contests. If you can charge $300/photoshoot, and some blogshop sponsors you a piece of clothing on the condition that you a. blog about it, b. instagram about it, c. tweet about it, then why should future companies pay you to model when they know you can be bribed by just one free clothing?

5. Turn up for events!

I love turning up for events! For one, I get to meet fellow contest-lovers who are just as auntie as heart as I am! And I feel so blessed to find this group of people motivated by the adrenaline that I thought nobody else would understand. I also have a group of UFO-catching friends who share this feeling.

I remember this girl who spent $50 once catching a Rilakkuma, until she cried as it was so hard to catch!! T.T Then…I gave her the usavich I caught…with $3. That moment when she accepted the Usavitch was the moment I’d remember for life.

Here is a Usavich, in case you don’t know what it looks like.


I kiapped it too. 600yen, approx. SGD10, limited edition from SEGAWORLD kabuki 3-chome.

Why? Because we understood each other. It’s not the Rilakkuma so much. It’s the adrenaline. 🙂 That moment when she smiled and thanked me–when we both knew that we don’t give a damn at all about the Usavich. It’s more about the UFO-catching community–the heart, the same type of world-view. That is so damn difficult to find! 🙂

That’s why Rella appreciates all her contest/UFO-catching friends! ❤ And hence writing this post!



OK! These are my secrets to winning contests! Once again, I thank all supporters of Rella. 🙂


You have no idea how much I’d saved from having my UFO-catching habit replaced by joining contests since the start of this year. If you have any questions, feel free to comment! I’d answer your questions as best as I can!

My next post (when I have the time, haha) would be on how cheaters cheat. And also I would love to write about what is bad PR, and how a contest which is shitty will generate more bad PR, than good.

The next two articles would be written for PR/Marketing Companies so that they can take note of it. I’m always very interested in studying things from the PR perspective, because I’d be doing a Masters in PR at Aalto University, Finland soon!

Till then, stay tuned! 🙂

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